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  1. I have nothing bad to say! All boats have problems! Good Boat...Fast...Plenty of room...Ed's banned from the purchase due to the first time he would take it out it would be on top of the Henderson Bridge due to trying something only Ed would try...Then again why someone would put one in Jon's reach I will never know! I myself with the low water we have now would want to go with a 1660 jon boat with a 1200cc Jet ski motor in it! Very Fast...plenty of room...and Light! Best Part very inexpensive. Good Luck with your purchase! Kyle
  2. Kyle B

    Got Girth?

    Actually Ed Ate the fish.... He said it was full of sunfish and small carp...he ate them too... It has been a long time since we put the name Big Girtha to use... Nice fish Bull-ED!
  3. lastnight was a great night out! We only boated one fish and it was not scuffed up at all. It was a personal best for dsm95's other half... and the best part is that Brent now has to live with the fact that his wife has a bigger personal best fish than he does! MNwild there was a Hook in this fish... Ill show it to you... you might find it to be a hook you lost in the past!
  4. Kyle B

    Sunday evening

    Lastnight we boated 6 Flats and had a couple come off. Also had the hit...then nothing. As for Saturday night Brent was at it again with another 42lb Flat! The Fish are biting!
  5. Kyle B

    Hot bite

    Sounds Good! Just need to warn you! You might get stressed driving that boat of yours in a section of river where you dont have a 6ft channel everywhere you go!
  6. Jeff Send Me and E-mail at [email protected] talk to ya soon!
  7. Kyle B

    Hot bite

    Sounds Good!
  8. Kyle B

    MN River Jordan MN

    Nope Not fishing in the creek but there was one about 700ft up stream. Had some under water wood and some deep water. Get a camo boat and the fish never know your even there!
  9. Kyle B

    Hot bite

    The St.peter Launch is golden! One caution is if your going up stream there is a very large log stuck on the inside first corner that was 6in under the water a couple of days ago. It might be showing now but just a heads up. Also as far as you guys catching fish you might just want to try lake washington! I would bet you guys could catch something there maybe. Good Luck Fellas! Dont Blow away and catch a monster!
  10. Brent and Myself got out lastnight again with the same results as always...Brent with all the big fish! Brent has been on an unstopable streak this year with atleast one or two fish over 20lbs every time out! Things remain the same again! He got his presonal Best at 48.9lbs with a 33lb just 45mins earlier. You the man Brent! [img:center]
  11. Kyle B


    Hanson... you would care about them 30's if you could actually catch them! also...have a picture of a fish worthy of your post if 30's are to small... a 48.9 lb flat and I will post a picture of this fish. It happens to be someones personal best. This fish also came with a 33lb just 45mins before.
  12. Kyle B


    The fishing this spring has been better for fish in the 30lb range than I can ever remember! Have put many fish in the boat over 30lbs already and quite a few in the 20's. Only thing that were lacking is the 40+ pound fish.
  13. Finally got out for a bit with Brent and my brother. Brent put on a good lesson for us putting down 4 flats biggest being 24lbs. Not but 10mins after Brents 24lb flat my brother lands a 29lb flat and shows Brent up. Ended up getting 6 Flats and a Channel and got home well before midnight! It was a nice night to be out!
  14. Over at Cabelas in Owatonna They have the new Beavertail Jet boat. First impression I was not impressed. The boat my be a 21ft boat but 3/4 of the boat is all decking very small amount of floor space, with the back 6ft of the boat virtually useless. Also I didn't like the fact that the boat tapers to the size of a 1448 in the front. Cool Concept and good looking boat but to me doesn't seem to be a very catfishing friendly boat. Have not been on the water in one so maybe theres much more that I am missing?
  15. Your bet would be correct!
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