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  1. very nice! 13-1/2" is my record. regards, minnesotatuff
  2. jimalm, i call it "happy hour"! the hour of dusk to dark, when walleyes put on the feed bag. i mostly fish for walleye. your advice was dead on. last saturday was the first time ive been out this year on the ice...got one nice 18" keeper at about 5:30 for sunday breakfast. i also missed one a little before on the deadstick with a nice shiner. regards, minnesotatuff
  3. this has happened to me more than enough and im not pushing my luck anymore. ive had rods making a humming noise and sparking. caught fish shocking me when taking them off the hook, line from a bobber going straight up in the air at the bobber and parrallel to the water surface all the way back to the pole, everybodies hair standing straight out like the cartoons and the fried egg eyes to go along with it... i had to laugh when i saw this post because its always an adventure eh? regards, minnesotatuff
  4. thats my personal best, congratulations! regards, minnesotatuff
  5. WOW! congratulations! once in a life time! please tell us the rest of the story. regards, minnesotatuff
  6. one w/4# crystal fireline (jigging), one w/4# smoke fireline (jigging), one w/4# copolymar (dead stick), one w/4# smoke fireline (dead stick), one w/2# seagar (jigging), one w/2# copolymar (dead stick), and one broomhandle w/10# smoke fireline. those are my everytrip set-ups neatly stored in two rod bags with easy access. regards, minnesotatuff ps, also have an extra reel w/2# crystal fireline.
  7. it didnt take too many losses at the hole with a jigging rap for me to clip the front and back hooks. of course, since then ive had a walleye nibble at a jigging rap that may have been hooked had the hooks been there. i saw it on my camera. so, who knows? regards, minnesotatuff
  8. great fishing! bet stories about that get passed down generations. yesterday, we opted for a lake near annandale because it was a closer walk. fished the weed to sand transition in about 19 or 20fow. it was the breakdown trip for this winter. everything worked great except i left my flasher & camera plugged in on the work bench...hahaha. just used my buddies to get located and my h2o/lakemaster. my buddy caught the first one, a 18" muskie on his dead stick. then i caught a little smaller northern jigging with a rattle spoon & minnow head. jigging without a flasher is very difficult... it didnt matter though. i had one take my dead stick out but there was nothing there...about 5:30 or 6 my deadstick went down again in a classic walleye bite. that turned into a fat 23-1/4" and made the whole trip. we didnt catch any others but saw a guy get one on a tip up close by that was about the same size. i put down two dead sticks after that and gave up on jigging. ya know, its pretty nice to sit back, smoke a cigar and just watch the bobbers... im still planning on mille lacs. it just has to have enough ice to drive my f150 to were i want to fish. that may be pretty soon. regards, minnesotatuff
  9. oh yeah, thats what they look like. its been a while... regards, minnesotatuff
  10. hi, lots of advice... its pretty exciting having a place like that to fish. nice icefishing spot! ...maybe some icefishing jigs now? jigging raps with minnow head or even crawlers, or other jigs/rattle jigs. technique is what will get them to bite. regards, minnesotatuff
  11. ive been using seagar 6# copolymer. the bite offs have increased over 6/2 fireline, but i think its more stealthy and incourages more bites. if i get a chance and remember, ill pick up some 8# and see if that helps. however, my thinking is if a muskie, northern or walleye gets it just the wrong way, a bite off will occure no matter what kind of line youre using. regards, minnesotatuff
  12. ive seen walleyes on the camera come in like JAWS to attack jiggin raps. the point is, you never know how a walleye is going to bite the day you go. regards, minnesotatuff
  13. the limit creek 6'9",ML,fast is my favorite too, although the st croix 7',ML,fast is close. ones better for rigging and the other is better for jigging. regards, minnesotatuff
  14. im very interested in this topic too, since i dont have downriggers. there was a post some time back that talked about being able to see the weight on a graph. i have both a graph & fl-8 in the boat... as far as weight, i have a big 3 oz one that might be my first experiment. ive tried it for lake trout before but didnt have any success. it might work for deep water walleyes though. theoretically, one should be able to tune in the bait to the depth of the fish, just like ice fishing...if you can see the weight? im going to use an old ugly stick with 4/10 fireline and see... regards, minnesotatuff
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