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  1. I agree with laker there are still plenty of wolves but I don't believe that the numbers are up the last few years. I live, work and drive through wolf country and sighting a timber wolf is still a pretty rare event.
  2. Just curious where are you getting the wolve population is up from? Seems that with the wolf harvest of the last two years,tough winters and low deer population the wolves would be down too. Duckster
  3. Been in Rochester for a week. Silver Lake is frozen and there are a few hundred geese around. Since the power plant is no longer producing hot water the lake doesn't stay open. I will be here for a couple more weeks and will keep you posted. Duckster
  4. I think that it should be you bag it you tag it. We should do away with party hunting. It doesn't make sense to allow it anymore.
  5. QDM Get rid of party hunting, shot a deer and you are done, Might limit the harvest of the smaller bucks and be an incentive to let smaller ones walk if you want a big one knowing your hunt is over if you harvest one?
  6. Port Still waiting on the education you promised.
  7. Rape has some root crops in it turnips I think. They eat the tops off them will dig out the roots also. The deer really hit on them especially after a frost.
  8. Really... on what. you put food in the woods and animals will find a way in. And???
  9. I would Like to claim it as an original idea but my kids found it in a kids camping book. We tried it camping and I tried it out in the duck blind and thought it was awesome. You can put what ever you like in an omelet in the bag and there you have it. i bring a propane cook stove and have even cooked them in a boat tucked in the weeds.We eat them right out of the bag and once you are done you can reseal the ziploc and no mess. Espescially good on a cold morning. Duckster
  10. You put a bunch of food in the woods and you will attract animals. So what?
  11. call your local game warden he is the one who is going to pinch you or not pinch you for it.
  12. Omelet in a bag. Put eggs, meat. cheese etc in a heavy ziploc put in boiling water. Cook till eggs look done, season to taste. We eat them right out of zip locs, easy cleanup. Careful though labs love them even better than donuts so be careful if you have to set it down. Duckster
  13. Have hunted black bay for years, lots of competition on weekends. Can be good if you hit it just right, not many ducks anymore with lack of bluebills
  14. The reason we don't see rafts of ducks is the fact the we don't see the migration of divers any more. The bluebill, redhead, canvasback populations are not near what used to be. Duckster
  15. how did you guys do? Fished Minnitaki once early June this year and it was kind of tough.
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