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  1. I am heading up to Brainerd area this weekend (from the cities). Do you guys know of anyplace between Twin Cities and Brainerd that still has some?
  2. I had some major storm damage this fall on my 1999 Tyee (gunwale was dented 4" plus many scrapes). Anchor Marine did a great job fixing everything. The insurance company only paid for 1 side of the boat, so I had to foot the bill for the other side. End result is I have a like new looking boat with a very "used looking interior". They aren't the cheapest around, but they do great work. Check out their web site, their photos don't lie.
  3. When I was 16, my first boat was a 14' runabout with a 1965 40hp Johnson. We waterskied several times a week for 3 summers. As long as you are willing to start on 2 skis (kick off your ski once up if you want to slalom), you should be fine (unless you're a really big guy). I was able to get a few smaller friends up on 1 ski from deep water, but they really had to work at it.
  4. My bad. It's just the law, I've never actually caught enough fish to practice the NPS regulation
  5. I camp in Voyageur's National Park several times each year. The park is completely within Minnesota. On the Voyageurs web site, they specifically state to "Dispose of fish entrails in deep water." This has always contradicted Minnesota law. I suppose National Park regulations trump Minnesota regulations. National Park Bear and Food Storage Tips
  6. Don't count on using a Solar Charger if you plug your boat in at night.
  7. McCarthy Beach State Park, just north of Chisholm. - there are 5 lakes on the chain with channels/river between them. - you can leave your boat on Side lake (small and sheltered) overnight (sandy shoreline with a few docks and many trees to tie to) - standard state park campsites with nice showers, wood, etc. - walking distance to store with ice cream treats, groceries, bait. - other dining options on the chain of lakes - Sturgeon Lake has the BEST beach in Minnesota - 1/2 mile of soft sand...the water is less than 4 feet deep out 100 yards - I've never fished here, but the structure on Sturgeon looks great, the water is clear. I bet it would be easy to find panfish somewhere on the chain. Check out the DNR lakefinder: Sturgeon Lake (Little, Middle, West and Big) and Side for fishing info
  8. Terrova 80lb 24volt with iPilot and Universal Sonar. I've got the Humminbird 570 on the bow for Sonar.
  9. I've been planning trips to Canada for years. We eat your standard scrambled eggs for Bkfst, a light lunch on the lake, then a feast at night. Some of our favorites: - Steaks/Chops, Box Rice (Uncle Ben's, etc.), Garlic Bread (I get the thick Costco or Sams steaks) - Spaghetti (easy/quick to prepare) - Noodles and Jar of Sauce - Hamburger Hotdish (Hamburger, elbow noodles, cream of mushroom soup, corn) - Walleye Shore Lunch style (Walleye, batter, and fried potatoes (fry 1 lb bacon, drain grease, add 1 whole sliced red onion, then 3 cans of canned-slices potatoes) These meals work well at a resort, but also when camping.
  10. I rode 13 miles across Namakan into a 20-30mph wind last summer. Had to replace the main board...around $150. I will always have a Ram from now on. Heard many stories of the compass board also breaking loose when bouncing too much.
  11. The kids use it for Grilled Cheese, Pizza (with sauce and pepperoni), and for Pies (bread with pie filling). This summer on our trip to Voyageurs Natl Park, I brought some cake decorating icing (in the squeeze tube). That was a huge hit as a topping on our pies.
  12. Don't know the size of your motor, but 30amps seems a little small (mine is a 50amp). I just called Minn Kota service about an unrelated problem (universal sonar). The service guy was very knowledgeable and gave me several ideas to try to solve my issue. I suggest that you give them a call at 800-227-6433 (7am-4:30pm M-F).
  13. I have seen several anchors lost to the rocks of Voyageurs National Park (luckily, not mine...I'm afraid to drop anchor up there). What type of anchor is best for rocky conditions (Kab, Rainy and Canada)?
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