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  1. Hey Guys: Thanks for the feedback. I contacted the museum in Little Falls and they will be happy to take the donation of the bound magazines. Murff.
  2. Down in my "man cave" in the basement, I have a collection of the original Bill Binkleman "Fishing News and Secrets" and the original "Fishing Facts" magazines. These date from the old Milwaukee Store days..right now I don't know what my start date is - until some time in the 70's when FF became repetitive and I stopped. These are all bound, cross indexed and referenced by year, volume, subject matter and cross-indexed under the original F+L+P = SUCCESS of Al and Ron Lindner fame. I'm 71 now and have no kids or grandkids to leave them to. If there is a market for them....I would really like them to go to good home. Any thoughts? I live in the New Hope area. Murph.
  3. At 7:35 AM on 5/31 a small buck walked down the lawns on 32nd Place North in Crystal as jauntiilyas could be. Everyone was gone or sleeping in. It disappeared as it headed toward Winnetka Ave. It was in velvet. And I may have seen the same buck crossing 36th Ave N just West of Boone along the drainage ditch at dusk on 8th of June. Haven't been up North yet. Thought it might be interesting.
  4. Thanks guys. I think it is time to end this thread. Don't want to take a chance on this sort of stuff.
  5. I have run across an ad or two about some new hunting scent eliminator. It appears to be some kind of food or candy. Somehow I lost the magazines it was in. Does anyone know about this? Has anyone purchased it? Does it work? Where is it available? Is it harmful? Help.
  6. To show my age: Corey Ford: The Lower Forty stories in the F&Stream issues of my youth. Of the MN writers, Gary Clancy has never let me down.
  7. The Lindner's owe a great deal to the wisdom and teaching of one Bill Binkelman, the founder of FISHING NEWS AND SECRETS which became FISHING FACTS magazine. I believe that Bill Binkelman and the Lindners shared much information on fish movements "structure" and techniques. There is a whole chapter there. They "co-published" a little book that was given away free when Ray-o-vac purchased Lindy Little Joe. In addition, there were seminars in the Chicago area by Bill Binkelman in which the Lindners participated. I have a copy of that treasured "little book" myself.
  8. I learned a trick from a plumber I had install a toilet for me: get two sets of bolts and use the extra nuts to affix the bolts to the flange firmly. Then they stand up tall. Line up and seat the toilet. Works great.
  9. If the DNR is so concerned about this, why not insist we all use FMJ ammo? It appears the experts are concerned about the fragmentation effects and mushrooming.
  10. Marine_man thank for the advice. Right on. I inspected the fuel line and found a couple of suspicious cracks/slices in it. Replaced, refitted, bled the line. All is now well. Runs like a top. Again thanks. murff
  11. Happy Birthday marine_man. And thank you for the advice on my fuel line problem. Right on.
  12. I'll try tonight and post tomorrow.
  13. I had this posted in another forum. I think this is where it should be. This Spring I placed an in-line fuel filter between the bulb and the engine intake. Up to this week, I could see fuel in the filter. Monday, I went to check the boat and no fuel visible. So I pumped it up. Filled up. then the fuel drained back into the under-floor tank. Replaced the bulb with a backup from the Rogers store. Same thing happened. Is there something wrong here? So far I have tried 2 new bulbs - same result. Am I concerned for no reason? If something is wrong here, any suggestions as to how to correct it.
  14. murff

    MPG towing?

    We did 16.56 with an "05 Grand Caravan pulling a 16.5 Sylvan Pro Fisherman @ 60 mph with automatic in D3 without overdrive as the manual insisted. This on our vac up to G. Rapids. Does one really have to stay out of D (w/overdrive) while towing as the book says?
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