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  1. Yes, rental places rent a unit called a "rock vac". Like this one: http://www.55rental.com/rockvacuum-p-240.html Good luck. Scott
  2. I don't see where this should "really up the price" for breeders. $75 for a small breeder per year? C'mon...you have to have at least 6 intact, adult females to qualify. So - 6 females x and average of 6 pups per year (I've seen up to 13 per female!) = 36 pups. It's an extra $2 per pup. While I'm not into more government, I read the bill and it doesn't seem too out of line. It sets requirements for shelter, space, socialization, etc. I guess I don't see where serious breeders will have *any* trouble meeting these requirements. I'm in the market for a gun dog now and I've seen a few operations where, seemingly, the prime motivation for the breeders is the almighty dollar - and that is pretty sad. Just my $.02 - worth every penny charged. Scott
  3. According to Ranger they load them with the 50W Mobil Synthetic Racing oil. I got this from the Ranger trailer department - he even told me where to get it. Wal-Mart, silver bottle. It's about $5 per quart. Scott
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