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  1. u sure can. you can buy an archery linc. over the counter for the last two weeks of the seasonS. I beleive that it will start the 10th of may (also fishing opener).or you can check to see if there are ant surplus permits availible in ur area. i Got mine that way i also didn't go for the lotto and i'm still going. good luck to ya. by the way ur zone has to have atleast 50 permits to buy a archery tag. Jason
  2. i was wondering if anybody here know if you can hunt lake Auburn. i was there last week and a park ranger came by and said it wasn't a hunting lake. I 've lots of people hunting there thats why i strated to. any feed back is helpful. Jason
  3. First of all thanks to shackbash for puttin my pics up it was a huge body it wieght 187.2 lbs. He going to the taxi Tomarrow.
  4. i got a really nice 13 pter. i would like to put it on here but don't want the hassle of making a photo album of whatever sort. wondering if somebody will do it for me. e-mail me Monkeys624 @ embarqmail.com i wasn't on stand 15 min. this monster came by with a doe. about a 100 yd shot. 18in spread 12 in G2s and 11G 3s . nice deer any help would be appricated (i can't spell) Jason
  5. It would have been nice to get my e mail address Monkeys624 @ Embarqmail. com
  6. hey guys it would be nice to actully see what is going on in the pictures. Also if you have pictures that are really dark and would like to know what is in them or whatever shoot me them over and i'll see what i can do. i tryed to put the pic i adjusted on but i'm to lazy to do all of that stuff. Jason
  7. Slacker84

    Cedar Bedding

    my lab has the same thing and so did my mom and dads lab. i seams pretty normal, it just one of those thing when they just wake up or dozing in an out, if you start to see it all the time then i would worry. if you see it all the time then i would change its blankets ect.. Jason
  8. Slacker84

    E collar

    HOw old do you think its a good age to start with a trainning collar? my black lab is 4 mn
  9. Good luck to everybody going out tomarrow. hope we all see some type of action!!!
  10. I bought one of those and Ended up takeing it back. If you are looking for a better than average camera, Cabelas has one that is exlcusive (can't Spell) to them it runs only 150 and it happens to be a 4.1 mega pixel I would say for the money and compared to the other camera, THis is a really good buy. also it takes the same memory card.
  11. I bought the $128 one I love it me and my wife sit together and worth every pennie. If considering the double or two person go with this one it has twice the Platform that the other one does. Jason
  12. If you plan on shooting ducks, I wouldn't carry anything else but steel. You could be fined. you can't prove that you didn't use the lead shot. otherwise It doesn't matter. But steel is better for the enviroment (i can't spell).
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