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  1. A boat plug in the drain hole(s) should do the trick.
  2. Vicious is my preferred fluoro brand.
  3. Or as conditions allow wise guy.
  4. Grant-in-Aid Trails are open Dec.1 to April 1. A duplicate sticker can be had from any ELS dealer for a $1.50. Also, I would never recommend putting registration stickers on windshields because busting windshields is pretty common.
  5. Maybe they don't make them for your specific sled...They are made by Woody's and should be offered by any sled shop worth their weight.
  6. Come up with a fair per foot rate (based on boat length only) and advertise it. I pay $10 per foot for the year for cold storage (Oct. - April).
  7. Great pictures Cheetah! Some nice kings there. I'm heading to Algoma this weekend. Any presentations stand out for you guys?
  8. Call your dealer with your hull id number and they will get you whatever you want, from old to new.
  9. I have been irratated for a long time with trailer tire wear. Using the higher end trailer tires helps. I will not buy the Carlisle brand again. I have had the best luck with my current Denmans. Running at the correct PSI for your axle weight helps too. For my next tires, I will be looking at light truck tires. They carry the same load ratings but I hope will give me better wear life.
  10. All great boats. Personally, I have always just preferred Lunds. Also, you can get a Lund with just about any motor your dealer offers. Cost implications are slight and usually due to extra labor for mounting,etc. Bottom line is most dealers will work with you if you want another brand of motor, if they want your business. My Lund has Yamaha's and like you would not another brand on there.
  11. I had one until the screws worked lose. No real function that I could see other than it looked nice with the SS prop...use red loctite if you get one.
  12. Some after market plugs do this switch for you. Could it be you bought one of these? I think it has an orange wire in it. If so, hook it up like a 12v battery and you'd be good to go. Just to clarify, two batteries ran in series will give you 24v. To do this, run the positive from the trolling motor to the positive on battery one and the negative from the trolling motor to the negative terminal on battery two. Run short jumper from negative on battery one to positive on battery two.
  13. In my mind this is very unlikely to get an extra 15HP just from an air restrictor. If so, why wouldn't dealers do that? I think you'd have to make at least a few more changes to the motor like the fuel system, timing, etc. Best to get your motor in for diagnosis with your dealer. I'm sure that they will get you back on the water soon.
  14. Up here, the coast guard REQUIRES photo ID, either a drivers license or other state ID. I know cause I was boarded by them last week. Save the hassles and bring it with no matter where you are boating, up north or down south.
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