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  1. They are usually pretty easy to find at any pet store. Most of the large chain pet stores have them for sure. They are used as feeder fish for Oscars, Pirahna'a and Jack Dempseys. Most Chiclids will eat the if they are large enough. They make good feeders for my bull heads as well. They are really good for freshwater aquarium setups as feeders and or starter fish for a new aquarium.

    Keeping Cats

    Quote: Just be careful with buying cat gear. Once you start fishing the river you will probably not be able to stop. I speak from experience. I third this!! This is nuts! So addicting. I barely fish for other fish anymore. And almost bought a jet boat.
  3. Sounds good to me LFC and DTRO. Do you guys run at least something to remove ammonia?
  4. Wooduck is right. If they were 3inchs when you caught. Feeding lets say every three weeks with Crappie minnows. Clean water weekly. Filter media.(change once every 2 weeks)Ammonia the silent killer) Electric for running air pumps and Filters. You are looking at around a 1 to 1.5 years to get them to 7inch. Under the best scenario) They grow rather slow in captivity. Do to limitations in food supply. Cost of the supplies for 100 bullies would not be worth the effort. $30 a month for minnows X 18 months $540 Unless you get a really good deal and or catch them yourself. I guess I don't need to go any further.
  5. DTRO you are losing one every 4 or 5 days? Wow that is a lot. I have never lost a bullhead yet. I would be interested to see what your setup looks like. What size tank and how many fish? Do you run a filter or airstone or both? Just say I could give you a hand I bet we could get you down to zero loss.
  6. No SKI's this morning. Just 2 northern. Fishing is tough right now.
  7. I am heading out there at 4am I will give you a report in the morning. Hopefully some pics as well.

    Bait Tank Users

    The biggest thing you have to worry about is sensitivity to temperature changes. This is a huge problem for minnows. Have you ever bought minnow from the bait shop like crappie minnows, shiners, chubs or Red-tails? There water is usually between 50 to 60 degree's depending on the bait shop. Ever notice that when you bring them down to the boat and dump them in the water in your live-well then start recirculating the water thinking you are helping them out with fresh water and aeration. Well unless the water in the lake is the same temp as the water in the minnow bag you put the minnows into shock and some may die. Or even all of them. So besides dechlorination of the water in a tank watch the water temps. Especially for minnows, the water in the tank or live well need to be within a few degree's. 3 degree's is a good limit to follow. So floating the bag of minnows is key. And if they are not in a bag and in a bucket take a cup full of the tank water and dump it in the bucket and wait(10-20 minutes). the time really depends on how far the water temps are apart. The more degree's difference means more time to wait. Then keep doing that until the water temp in the bucket is close to the temp in the tank. Some are saying dang that is a lot of work. Well with the price of minnows now days(example..$9.oo for a 1/2 dozen red-tails) I think it is worth the time. The key is gradual temp change. So for putting minnow in the live well. Dump them in minus the lake water. Let them sit in the bag water for 10 to 20 minutes. Then turn on the live well for lets say 2 seconds. Just adding a bit of water to the existing water and let that sit for 10 to 20 minutes. Keep doing that process until the live well water is close to the temp of the lake water. You will have much more success with keeping your expensive minnows alive. Another way to do it is fill your live well with lake water and add ice and cool that water down and float the bag in that water. This is the better way of doing it being that the minnows prefer the cooler water and it adds a lot of oxygen to the water. This can be a much more gradual warming of the water which is better. (This can be more expensive way of doing it if you have to buy ice.) I prefer this method. It also doesn't hurt to add a stress coat to the water. You can buy it at any local pet store. Even the big chain sporting goods store have these types of chemicals. As for the bullheads I have done 30 to 40 degree water differences and they get well Upset!! But usually are fine. I have not lost one yet doing that. Tough little buggers. This is way more info then anyone would want to know. Sorry I used to own a fish tank maint. service. Just my $1.25 worth.

    Bait Tank Users

    I am still here. We need to get out again!

    Bait Tank Users

    Depends on there size I go with fat heads for larger ones or crappie minnows for the smaller ones. Once a month. It really depends on how long you keep them. I have had bullies on hand since September 06 and what I have found is every 3 to 4 weeks(closer to 4) Any longer then that the get real sluggish and not very lively. Hmmn I wonder why??
  11. I will be coming down on tonight. I am bringing the big boat. I am by myself. So maybe we could hook up again to fish tonight.
  12. Audemp is not going to be able to make it so I have open seats. I am gong down Friday afternoon and fishing Friday night and Saturday night.
  13. Rushing you fishing from shore again?
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