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  1. The unit continues to scroll as if it is working, but shows the depth at 0 as if it was operating in my driveway.
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    Hello everyone, I have a Lowrance sonar unit that likes to quit reading at times, for example while running wide open, while trolling, or even bobber fishing. Any ideas as to what might be faulty or anyone out there have any similar problem and what did you do about it? Thanks in advance!
  3. I've unclogged mine with a paper clip.
  4. I have tried a couple of different on-board battery chargers. Both are/were nice units with good reviews and recommendations. My problem is that I seem to go through batteries at an fast rate. I've tried different brands and haven't had a battery last more than 2 seasons. I now have resorted to buying batteries with a 3-year warranty so I don't have to keep dropping $100 bucks every spring. I have a 24 volt system, Minkota motor. I store both batteries indoors, off the cement, and on a charging maintenance schedule during the winter. I tend to fish once or so a week during the season and daily when the family is on a weeks cabin trip. (Couple times per year.) What am I doing wrong...any ideas out there?
  5. I bought my 3rd boat ($34995) new. When I was ready the dealership was as slow as can be....maybe why I got a good deal. I bought in early July last year and seemed to get good $$ on trade in and sale. Most boat sellers seem to be in a down cycle. Also, buying new comes with a warranty. Good luck!!
  6. Returned form my most recent trip only to discover the wheel cover has a whole in it as if the tire rubbed through it. The boat is centered on the trailer and when parked everything seems fine.I didn't see any smoking or notice any difference when driving. Any ideas??
  7. I have fished with crawlers most of the time. I like to use a spinner rig, with 1/2 ounce weight. Move slowly, (2 MPH and under) and use a jig technique. I have caught Walleye and some bonus large sunfish. Crawler harness is a must!
  8. I have 1 18.5 Yamaha g3 with a 150 hp four stroke. My trailer is a single axel g3 trailer. The tires are 125/75/14. The tire treadwall says to inflate to 65 psi, but this seems high to me. I am wondering what others do with the radial tires on trailers. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I plan on working on it this weekend. I let you know when completed.
  10. Hey everyone- 1998 Honda Accord, 119,000 miles. Drivers side front wheel well area smells like burnt plastic. Rim, tire and cap are all hot after driving. My guess is a stuck caliper. Any other ideas? Also How can I tell if the caliper is stuck when I get the tire off? Thanks!!
  11. Not sure I would consider a G3 boat an entry level boat or a "get you on the water" boat. I am on my 3rd G3 and hopefully my last. My current boat is a 185f, 150 hp 4 stroke yamaha. Top speed is 52 MPH, hole shot is about 4 seconds. Tube rod storage for 18 rods, 2 recirculating live wells, baitwell, lighted storage, bimini top, full wind shield, 4 speaker sound system, tilt steering, hydrulic seats, multiple 12 volt plugs, bunk trailer w led lights and brakes, etc. Everything a Lund is in quality but about $8000 cheaper. Total cost was around $35,000. I think people in Minnesota tend to think poorly of the brand because it's newer to our market. Cheers!
  12. Hey Fishing MN friends, When I hole shot or have the bow riding high, I smell a faint smell of gas. Other friends have commented that they smell gas also. I have a G3 185f with a 150 Yamaha 4 stroke. It's a new boat for me this summer, so I don't know what to expect such as gas usage or smells. It's under warranty. Any ideas ---should I be concerned? Thanks!!
  13. Hey, Over the last 12 years, I started with a Crestliner Fishawk 1650, then traded for a G3 vf172 with a Yamaha 115. Owned the G3 for five seasons and just traded that boat this year for a G3 185f with a Yamaha 150. I bought the 172 for about 22,0000 in 07 and sold it for $14,000. Total cost of the new 185 was about $34000. I am not sure what size you are looking for, but the 17 ft G3 deep V's will run in the mid 20,000's. The g3's are power matched and owned by Yamaha. I didn't have any issues with my previous g3 so I decided to buy a new one. I like it because the exact same "lund" would have cost 10,000 more. This new model has all the bells-standard, walk through windshield, sst prop, dual live well with auto recirculation, lockable tube storage for 18 rods, netting under the gunnels, pop-up cleats, air ride seats, marine radio, bimini top, and my wife even made me put on a swim ladder. Performance has been great. Hole shot in under 3 seconds, top speed on 52.5 MPH. Overall I'm very happy with G3.
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