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  1. Any suggestions on the best spring bobber?
  2. Anyone try using a gopro with wifi and the Iphone ap as an underwater camera?
  3. I am wondering if anyone here has insulated their own portable. I have an older otter lodge and I am thinking of insulating it myself instead of paying the big bucks on a new one. What type of material shoudl i use? Is it worth it?
  4. Any suggestion on reels. I need one for crappies and one for walleyes. Not looking to spend a fortune, just a solid reel that will work well in the cold temps. Thanks
  5. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a canvas shop that makes replacement canvas covers for the otter lodge. The one I have is 12 years old and has held up well, but the canvas has worn thin and it doesn't make sense to repair it anymore. Otter only offers the thermal houses now and I'm not willing to invest that much at this time. Thanks in advance
  6. I wanted to let you all that there are boat races on Forest Lake tomorrow. It is going to be crazy out there. Good Luck
  7. I had an 05 sportsman 800 and I had trouble pulling a medium heavy to heavy 8X12 on skis. I broke a belt pulling it across the lake. I sold the house the next week and built a 7X12 light wheel house and I have not had any issues pulling it. I now have a 2008 sportsman 500X2 and that also pulls my wheel house with ease.
  8. I have some camper lights in my wheel house (1141's) and was wondering if anyone has changed out their incandescent ligts for LED's. If you have, does it make a big difference in battery life? Where is the best place to get them? Are they as bright? Thanks
  9. I have 2 520C's and they do the same thing over deep water. I think it is the transducer. I installed the 2.3 version(most recent)software on both units and it didn't change anything using that transducer. It did improve the performance in shallow weeds using the trolling motor transducer. I now need to be in very thick weeds under 4' of water to loose signal.
  10. A friend and I are heading up to Lac Seul for a Muskie/Walleye trip. We have fished the lake for walleyes and we know where to get those but we have never fished up there for Muskies. We are staying at Mahkwa resort. Can anyone give us some starting points?
  11. I think there should be a musky stamp. It will keep people that accidentally catch legal sized musky's from keeping them.
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