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  1. fishinlarry.....what is your email address so I can email you. I want some pictures. I don't like to post my email for spammers to get.
  2. boatluvr

    Unusual catch

    We were slip bobber fishing for Walleye fishing on Mille Lacs and I was in the front of the boat a few years ago That style of fishing tends to cause one to drink beer at a much faster rate. We had close to a limit of fish and over my limit on beer when the boat captain said pull in the lines and the anchor. I got the fishing lines part and forgot the anchor. We drove about 1-2 miles on Mille Lacs with the captain cursing his motor the entire way until he realized my error. A few more curses at me and I was pulling up the anchor. I thought I had really had tied one on as I could barely get the anchor up. With a lot of laughing and cheering on I finally got the anchor to surface and attached to our small anchor was a huge launch anchor from years before. It took three of us to get it out. A little welding & cement and my buddy still has it as a centerpiece in his cabins front yard.
  3. This is from a trip in 2002 to Tobin Lake in Northern Saskatchewan in late fall. My Dad is a Northern Pike fanatic and this trip was his fantasy turned reality. We boated over a 100 Northerns in the 5 days and none were under 7 lbs. We fought some rough weather (35 degrees on the lake) and some holy rollers in a 16' camp boat. Great memories as we hauled in huge Pike one after another. We both caught our largest Northern and Walleyes of our lives up there. Would do it every year if it were not for the 16 hour drive.
  4. We ran a houseboat with Rainy Lake Houseboats last year and had a great time. There are many beautiful places to set up camp for the night on Rainy. Great Walleye action all year long. The staff is great and will tell you fishing hot spots to hit all along the journey. Go as far as you can the first day with the boat so that you are not travelling each day at 5mph with the big rig. More time to search around with the fishing boats. The kids had a blast with the water slide....the 12 and 35 year old kids!!!! It was fun to run the 18' with the 150hp down to Kettle Falls as well.
  5. If you are negotiating the sale, cash speaks volumes. I just purchased a used boat. I was negotiating the price down %10 less then he wanted. He was not moving on the price but a couple hundred dollars. When I pulled out an envelope of $100 bills and said I really wanted to make a deal today .... the negotiating seemed to magically get very close to my number. I just sold my old 14' boat for less then my bottom line, because the guy came with cash and wanted to drive it away immediately.
  6. I talked with Valv and plan on stopping by.
  7. I have two "open water" rigs. One is powered by a four stroke and my favorite (pictured below on the left) is powered by a two stroke....in the front and one in the back. I will be using the two stoke on opener at the BWCA.
  8. Thanks for the advice guys. I will stop by Cabelas on my next run North or South (nice to have 2 options now). I will also call a couple of locksmiths. Not a bad idea if it only costs me less then $10. Matt
  9. Up to the Arrowhead for camping and Walleye/Trout fishing. BWCA opener is killer every year. Nothing better then Trout for lunch, Walleye for dinner, Makers Mark for desert, and a campfire all night.
  10. I just bought a used Alumnacraft Lunker. The boat latches work fine, but came with no keys. I really want to lock the rod locker and front storage. Anybody know where to buy relacement latches with keys?
  11. I am very interested in the boat. Can you email me an tell me if the boat has any extras...live well, lights, etc? [email protected]
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