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  1. I did my garage 4 years ago, 30# felt over the shingles, no issues cost about 1200 doing it my self. First time I did it and was really not that difficult. Doing my mobile home this summer with the same thing and just ordered material. It is 78x16, cost for material 1400 and then about 75 bucks for delivery. If the place is heated during the winter, you may need to something better than felt because of moisture build up under metal. Adds about 1000 to the cost, but better safe than sorry. Mine is a summer place, so it is not heated in the winter.
  2. I just finished rebuilding my lower unit, all new gears, clutch dog, bearings, seals etc.... I followed procedure for shimming pinion gear ect....., Got it all back together ran it the drive way and everything seems fine. My question is I was reading more in the manual, just to ease my mind that everything I did was right and I am not sure if I put the clutch dog in properly. Manual says side with groove forward. I remember looking at it and didn't see a difference either way. My motor is a 1995 evinrude 60 HP. Do any of you boat mechanics know what will happen if it is backwards, don't want to tear anything up if it is and really dont want to take it back apart just to check if it does not matter ???? Thanks
  3. Myself and family were up over Memorial day weekend and also had a creel survey done as we left Namakan. So Im sure something is in the works. We were catching nothing but 21-24 inchers w/ a couple of keepers thrown in. He said he was getting the same info from all from all that were fishing Namakan and actually the opposite on Kab, as the fishermen on Kab were reporting more keepers than size. IMO, the slot works great. Should there be adustments every now and again? Let the fish in the lake tell the story, be honest if/when you are surveyed. I think allowing you to keep one in the slot would damage the fish as there will be some who'll rotate there livewell. I fished in Canada for 10 years and when they introduced their slot, fishing and size improved. I have been fishing Kab/Nam/Crane/Rainy for the last 8 years and once again fishing and size has improved. Or I could keep believing that I just got better
  4. Guess I'll have to check the mail. Really sucks, I enjoyed the magazine tons, in fact my loved it also. Gonna miss it
  5. Had my 95 evinrude 60 done a few years ago, it was around 1600
  6. I do not know that lake. I do not troll often, but I feel a trolling motor is a must. And my preference is a bow mount. I fish mainly in upper minnesota ie. Kabetogama, Namakan, LOW and Rainy Lake. Trolling too is an art as you have to be moving at the right speed, normally 1-2.5 mph. I drift jig and to control my speed if its too windy, I use a drift sock. Bass are a good eating fish, not as good as walleye, but they eat well. I forgot to mention earlier, but a good guide for a half to full day would do wonders for your experience. A good one not only get you on fish, but also teaches.
  7. Agree, standing or leaning on butt seat
  8. WTB, I'm sure you'll get a few chimes with this one. First of all welcome to the greatest and most frustrating sport around. Firstly, patients will be required at all times, even when you become a so called expert. Jig and minnow is a good start. A good sensitive rod for feel is important also, a 7 foot medium/light rod is what I use. At this time of year look for weed beds with 6-12 feet of water in the early morning and evening, and out deeper during the day. You need only use the size jig that lets you feel the bottom. 1/8"-1/4" in shallow and bigger out deeper. You need to change your retrieve to see what the walleye want ie. slow jigging retrieve, slow no jigging retrieve, fast retrieve etc... The hardest part with walleye is what is a bite and what is just hitting bottom. Walleye normally dont hit like a bass or other fish. You could be getting bites and not even know it. When casting to determine if your on the bottom, cast, keep the line taught by slowly reeling and you will see you line quickly drop, you are now on the bottom and can start your retrieve. Do not allow your line to have slack in it otherwise you may never feel a bite. Dont give up, as frustrating as it will be, once you get the feel you will be hooked for life. Good Luck and Happy Fishing
  9. Man those are some hogs. Nice pics guys.
  10. Man, I know I'm stuck down here at work and cant be out fishing right now, but I cant believe you are all spending your time comparing bass to whatever instead of out catching something, be it bass, walleye, sticks, rocks or what have you. That being said I'll take the bass. And by the way traveler, I think thats called spearing and there is no season for bass with that.
  11. Walleye, you mean there are other fish out there?
  12. Bearfan1963

    Livewell pump

    Have you pulled it out and given the impeller a spin by hand, sometimes they just get seized.
  13. As a Vet, I agree that no thanks is necessary for the Honor to serve for the greatest country in the world. The real thanks goes to our fallen in any campaign and our families who had to endure it back here at home.
  14. Take the class it is definately worth it. I talked my wife into it a couple of years ago, she didn't want to do it, but the class took the fear she had away and now I can't keep her off her bike.
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