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  1. On a small clear lake and the temps are 80, is anyone having any luck? Been throwing bucktails in morning and topwater in the evening the last few days. Is it slow all around the area?
  2. Is the water clear or stained? What kind of structure? any info on lake is much appreciated, Thanks!
  3. Staying on Clear Lake 12 miles east of Hayward in early August, is it worth bringing my muskie gear? Any info on lake is appreciated, Thanks
  4. Staying here a couple nights in late May, how is the bass/northern fishing? I want to take my 5 year old out casting. Any info on this lake would be great, Thank You!
  5. Does anyone know anything about this lake? We may be staying there this July and I'm wondering how the Muskie action is on this small lake? Any info would be appreciated, Thank you!
  6. Looking to throw bigger bull dawgs. What rod do you use for mag dawgs and pounders? Thank You!!
  7. Are the Muskies moving? We are going to be fishing High/Fishtrap this weekend. Is it too early for topwater? What colors do we need? Any info on these lakes would be very helpful. Thank You!!
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