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  1. I'm a tile setter and this is what I did in my house after only 6 or 7 years of sheet rock butting up to the shower stall. It's not water splashing up above six feet. It's the steam building up on the sheet rock and then running down and pooling where the sheet rock meets the surround/ tile. The sheet rock will start to break down and you will either have to Re mud and Re paint or just tile to the ceiling to eliminate the problem for good.
  2. I'm another believer in the Sleep Number bed. Our Original Mattress Factory was only 6 years old and had been giving us both tons of pain in the morning for the last 2. We took the plunge and spent way more than i ever would have on a mattress. The big selling point was that since the mattress is made of several "parts" if something wears out your not spending on an entire new mattress just the replacement part. My wife sleeps at a 35 and I'm at a 65, and there is a night and day difference between the two numbers. it took me about a monthto find my number. I fall asleep faster and wake more refreshed than i have in years.
  3. The screw heads on the durock don't need to be skimmed since they will be filled with thinset when the walls get tiled.
  4. I am a tile setter not a sheet rocker but I will tell you what I see on the job site. When we get on a job the taping and mudding is already done before the durock is installed. If the ceiling doesn't get tile then the Taper finishes it off like any other ceiling and the durock just butts to the ceiling and doesn't get taped. As for the walls meeting the durock we apply fiberglass mesh tape on the joint and then float it with thinset. This joint should be about centerd in the curb and be covered by tile anyways.
  5. I am heading to Mcgregor tomorrow and want to stop at Vadoos to get minnows since the local shops don't have good quality. Will fat heads make it 2 hours in an oxygen bag?
  6. We have internet through century link, hd antenna for the local stuff and also a Roko which steams tons of free internet channels over the tv. With Netflix added in our bill is around $60 a month.
  7. I work excusivley with tile and would also recommend using 1/4 Hardy Backer or equivalent set with thinset and then screwed down. I have never set tile directly to plywood but have fixed many floors that have broken loose from the plywood. Durock does have a fairly new product which is a very thin felt like product that you thinset directly to the sub floor. It works great if you have height issues. Rubble Tile or MN Tile and Stone would be a god place to look for it. I have used it in my house and it is working great.
  8. I use water softener salt on my drive, but it isn't concrete. 50 lbs for $5 and it works great. Get the blue bags, which is coarse salt. It works even on the coldest days!!
  9. I would think about installing an electric radiant heat system under the flooring. The electrician can anchor the wires to the slab and then you can pour a self leveler that would cover the wires. Over this would go your tile. I have seen the wirsbo system installed and I think it would be much more expensive than this method.
  10. I have had a Frabill Guardian for a couple of years now and am very impressed with it. It is heavy so don't plan on pulling it to far in deep snow. Customer service was great when I called for a couple of parts that were not included. Next day delivery. One improvement I made was adding a layer of Refletix insulation to the ceiling. What a difference it made in holding in the heat. Way cheaper than upgrading to the insulated shell. Over all it is very well built and is worth the money. My only complaint is that I don't get to use it enough.
  11. I heard from my Dad that the plots I seeded Labor Day are hardly even doing anything. I guess that happens with no rain.
  12. Any kind of silicone will work. I would use white. Put a few dabs on the back along with some hot glue if you have any. Hold it in place for a minute so the glue can set up. IF no glue than use the tape. After it is set up put a bead around the edge of the dish. Wait a day before setting anything on it.
  13. What would be the recommended time to plant winter wheat and rye in central MN. I just sprayed round up on the plots last week. Should I get it in before Labor Day?
  14. I'm interested in using AA for duck hunting. The only concern I have is it being to bulky getting the gun tight into my shoulder. Any thoughts??
  15. Check out this link. It lists all of the lakes that are available. Very few are actually in HD. The ones high lighted in red are HD. http://www.navionics.com/Charts_Mobile_Lakes.asp?MobileType=Android&State=MN&Area=US
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