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  1. I have some advice, call me about it some time.
  2. There is room on the side of splash well. Also on the transom under the steering and other cables. This is a heavy unit.
  3. I have a 2005 Mr Pike 17 Suz DF 140. I bought a Sierra filter/sep. Now, where and how to mount it? There is not much room in the splash well. Under the floor by the gas tank seems like the most tidy way to go, but then its hidden. The unit is about one pound of stainless(dry) with some larger holes (3/8?) for mounting bolts. Of course I wont have access to the other side of the mounting fasteners if I put down by the tank. So should I rivet, drill and tap into the frame..? Also, It seems like I would need to make a bracket to spread out the weight to reach some support other than the sheet metal. Will brass hose barbs do the trick or are they too weak for the abuse? Tape or pipe dope type product? I have never installed it as it could create more problems than it solves. I welcome the expert opinions of fellow FMers that are picky and have dealt with this rigging issue. Thanks!
  4. Thanks boat fixer! I'll give it a try the last time I tried it I loosened a knurled cap on the tank and fluid leaked right away. The lock must be the secret. Thanks.
  5. The trim is noisy and slow. What is the proper way to add fluid? This topic is not covered in the manual. Thanks
  6. In our group it seemed like orange and Chartresue, White and blue and white worked jigs were the best. we got some at 7' but mostly around 12-15 feet on or near structure. Others probably have better more current info.
  7. In 05 I got an 04 pike new, just the boat was about 6600. the 05 had the denter storage and a recesed part for the throttle lever.I hit the trim button a lot with my leg on my 04. Now I know why the recesed it. I could have got an 05 for about 2200 more. I figured that was a lot of money for a rod locker though. Now I'd pay the 2200 for the center rod storage and the Smart track.
  8. Nope Ghost was not good for us. There were a few boats there but maybe they were just dodging the wind.
  9. We saw the flipped boat on Sun eve on the way back from McKenzie. It was an ominus sight after dealing with four footers fri and heading out to Mc in a big tail wind on Sun Morn. Lucky for us it calmed down for the drive back that night. We ran into the people recovering the boat on Mon AM. They said they lost it off an island or some how lost it Fri in the storm. They had to wait till the weather calmed down to get it back.They had it running Mon night. It was a long tow from south steam boat to the next dock north of us. It was a Pro Craft. I honked at a boat like yours in ghost one day. But later saw a canadian boat like yours at white wing. Did you fish a mid lake hump in steamboat or was that the canadians too? We did not catch a ton of fish but most of us had fun! How did you guys do? I bet it got good Tuesday.
  10. The pencil trick did not reveal a wobble. I was able to go on a trip with confidence that it was okay. I think that maybe the prop castings are not perfectly round and that may be why one area does not clear as well as the rest. I still may try a dial indicator just for fun. My next work on the DF 140 will be a water pump reaplacement. Its 3 years old. I need a skeg now too. So that makes a good excuse to do it. Thanks again!
  11. We got there Sat AM, fished Sat Sun Mon. Monday was the best day. We mostly used 3/8 fire balls. Blue/white and Chartreuse were better than the other colors we tried. Minows out fished the gulp minows. Fishing was a bit slow. The best bites we found were in McKenzie Bay. We heard the some people were slaugtering them in Sawmill bay but we never made it there. There was definately a may fly hatch going on. Sun night when the waves calmed down we could see them by the thousands on the surface. We did not have the 150 fish days that I have heard about. I think we were closer to 30 per day in my boat. Some did better, some much worse. For most of us, it was our first time there. That was a definate factor. A few basics, run aluminum props only, and zoom in on the GPS when navigating. If you are zoomed out too far, you cant see the + signs. That is where the rocks are! Watch for floating logs. They are thick in some areas. We did see one capsized and abandoned boat. We later learned that everyone survived it. Seeing that was a good reminder that the lake could eat you up if you let your guard down. We travled in some 4' waves which was interesting. Water temps were in the low 60s.
  12. I bought some ss washers at the hardware store. Then drilled them out. The extra thickness of the english washer vs. the metric one allowed the nut to snug up to the new prop and the key fit. I went on Brownspointmarine's web site and looked at the exploded view of my 2005 DF 140 lower unit assembly. It does not look like I am missing parts. So after this trip, I'll do more research and make sure every thing is okay. The fact that just one area on the outer ( side?) of the prop hub is worn makes me question wheter or not my prop shaft is bent slightly. Even if it wears a bit more, it is in an area that won't cause too much harm. It is not the gear case. I'll try to get a dial indicator and clamp it to the skeg to find out. I leave in less than 24 hours. So I am excited and hope the boat comes back in the same shape it is in now. Other than the normal dirt and lots of fish slime! I really appreciate the help you! You guys taking the time to offer your knowledge is awesome. One more thing, I added a transom saver to replace a thing I think guys call a wedge. its a rubber cylinder that fits over the trim hydrualic cylinder for trailering. From what I have read on this site, it was the thing to do. thx
  13. Upon further inspection, the prop i just took off and the new one that I ran for a short time have rubbed against the very rear inner edge of the ring that is on the back of the lower unit. it is bolt on housing piece. on each prop there is wear about one inch of the circumfrence of the very front of the prop. so the outer portion of the prop rubbed the inner area of the lower unit. this was sad to see as i got the motor new and only dealers have had the prop off. So from what I gather a thrust washer could prevent this. now being that I am super picky, i wonder if there is an alignment or minor bearing issue.
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