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  1. 1. Either French Lake in Fairbault but perfer ably on Cass Lake depending on if my buddies a papa or not then 2. Depending on where and water temp. bucktails or bulldawgs but I would perfer a top water lure any day that day and opener day are a coming happy fishing and peace out da Freak
  2. Windy, If my memory serves me right its Donnie "Baseball" Mattingly with 6 in the 1987 season Da Freak
  3. Nothing fancy here for me: First all a full time papa of 3 hopefully future FM'ers second: Full-time student Third: Assisant manager of retail store Fourth: Co-owner of snow removal and lawn services company and Fifth fisherman any time I get the chance which should be a lot better in a month. Whooo hoo Da Freak
  4. Hey Jim, I was planning to volunteer and help out then I realized that the date was April 29th. The 29th is my daughter Meghan's birthday and we are having a b-day party. So i thought that maybe i still could help out. so about what time will the time frame be for Trout Day 6 Ej work is that time wasted between fishing
  5. Hey Guys, For the past 4 years my family and I have had access to a cabin on the Cass Lake chain. We go up there at least every other weekend in the open water season and for atleast a 2 weeks stay in August. Well tonight my other half told me for the two weeks in August she doesnt want to do the Cass Lake thang. She wants to put another area on her fishing resume'. THe area has to have the toothy fish such as muskies. northerns and walleyes,but yet it has to have the usual biting panfish. bass etc for the kiddos. I was think about the " Big V" or LOTW or Brainerd area for starters havent given it much thought yet. She has Mille Lacs, Winnie,Leech and Upper Red on her resume' so far. So any ideals or suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanx Da Freak Musky fishing rulez any thing else is just bait
  6. I feel like a copy-cat here. I use the the same as Cooter brought up the 5/0 size VMC 8650 OR 9650 BZ, depending of the lure type/shape. I also perfer to use split rings my self both the Wolverine tackle super rings ( sz 5,6,7 ) or Bucher super split rings ( sz 5 & 7) are very good. It is my believe that the rings give more strength and the hook more movement and less give on when fighting the ole mighty musky. Both Thorne Brothers and Rollie and Helens carry these goodies. Da Freak
  7. Setterguy, I have seen both work of Artistic Anglers and Fibertech, both do awesome work, But I'll throw in the name of Joe Fittante of Fittante Taxidermy out of Antigo WI. also. Joe does great work and isnt happy til you are.Plus Gus made a great suggestion maybe you could go to some shows to see for ya self and see which place fits both your fish and personal needs and wants. Good luck to you. Da Freak
  8. Tlyerflom89, Both Matt and Whopper Stopper are correct on their info. But beware the people at Thorne Brothers are great and every time I go there I feel like a kid in a candy stop and spend more money then I prolly should. Happy shopping to ya Da Freak
  9. Seven years ago on my last fishing trip with my G-pa on the big " V ". We were targeting the esox family. G-pa had a strike on a black and white daredeville. had a long battle but the fish won and snapped the line. We continue working the area for like 45 mins or so I get a strike fight the fish land it, Which turns o0ut to be a nice 36 inch pike along with a blavk and white daredeville in it mouth and 2 bluegills in its mouth. Talking about a feeding frenzy. G-pa never forgave me in his last months for supposely steal his fish. Rest soul EJ work is the wasted time between fishing
  10. Just wanted to say hello to ya all and since this muskie gear post has been alot focused on musky release, bolt cutters etc. I'm just passing the word that UP Musky Products has released a musky Release kit. The kit Is a mini bolt cutter, an 8"long nose plier, a galanized mouth spreader and fiskars scissors. Tools are attacted to a box/ tray with 12' lanyards. The box also has an unsinkable floatation built in. The box also has troom for gloves , towels etc. There also is a pro model realease kit that contains a pair of Knipex bolt cutters instead of The 8" mini bolt cutter. Good luck and happy fishing to ya all. Ej work is the time wasted between fishing
  11. Muskieboy46 Where are you located? i'm going back out a trying again soon as i get the truck back. maybe we can work something out EJ work is the time wasted between fishing
  12. Lee As for your question on the bolt cutters. There are times when the ski's and hooks do become entangled sort to speak. It lots faster and easier to remove the hooks when they are cut. PLus i would rather have to replace the hooks then a future muskie trophy or any ski' actually. As for your other gear your of to a good start. But i perfer the coated bag net over a cradle and RuKiddingMe's suggestion of the Mn Musky Guide Map book by Sportsmen's connection can be abig help. Another pionter for ya is to pick one type of lure like topwater, glider baits etc then mainly use them to master them move on to another bait then master that one etc. Even tho the sli' love all them baits lol. Good Luck to ya. EJ Work is the time wasted between fishing
  13. Yes indeed Crappie Tom's Stub grub and Rat Tails do work great. i aqree with Buzzsaw Crappie Tom is a great guy. I had the pleasure to both use his plastics and fishing along him the past weekend it was a blast. They are awesome for the pannies. Ej Work is the time wasted between fishing
  14. Congrats on the fish to your son Sportfish1850. A true trophy for him to last a lifetime. I cant wait for My 4, 2,or 2 month year-old kids to cant a trophy like that sometime down the road. The biggest so far for my crew is an 22 inch LG bass by the 4 year old. so he's off to a good start. Yes in general it is great to see them the bigger fish. Once again congrats EJ Work is the wasted time between fishing
  15. Muskieboy46, You think its hard to find a musky club in the southern metro area. Try one in the SE/ Rochester area its next to impossible. But any way hows the ski' fishing been 4 everyone so far this year? EJ
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