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  1. gonfishn

    First Thing That Pops Into Your Head-

    Hurry up Spring!
  2. gonfishn

    Any Kawasaki riders??

    I have an '05 BF 650. Love the machine...especially the POWER. I do agree with LEP though. i might change a few things. EFI for one, maybe a little on the handling end, but TIRES do make a big difference.
  3. gonfishn

    Winch cable fraying

    Yup, had to re-crimp mine as well.
  4. gonfishn

    Anybody know any clean jokes?

    To go along with the week's festivities... A Vikings fan, a Rams fan and a Packers fan were hunting. Each had a different brand of beer in a small cooler. The Packers fan was drinking, naturally, Miller. He cracked his brew, fired a shot in the air, shouted 'It's Miller Time!' and drank it down. The Rams fans was drinking Budweiser. He cracked it open, fired a shot in the air, shouted, 'This Bud's for you!' and drank it down. The Vikings fan was not drinking a beer from his home state, choosing instead Old Milwaukee. He cracked it open, shot the Packers fan, drank his beer and shouted, 'It doesn't get any better than this!'
  5. gonfishn

    Lets make a million! ! ! !

    432!!!! Woohoo!!!
  6. gonfishn

    Movie Quotes game

    Enter the Dragon
  7. gonfishn

    Movie Quotes game

    "What we've got here is.....Failure to communitcate."
  8. gonfishn

    Music lyric game

    I must've killed it..... Can I play with madness....Iron Maiden
  9. gonfishn

    Wireless fence - Does it work on a hill??

    No cable with wireless...
  10. gonfishn

    Invisible fence ?

    Hooked it up and tried this past weekend. Best investment I've made in a long time!
  11. gonfishn

    Invisible fence ?

    So, the Petsafe model from FF works pretty well? How long do the batteries last? I also live on 2.5 acres and was wondering how it will do?
  12. gonfishn

    Music lyric game

    Rush - Circumstances Give me the sense to wonder, To wonder if Im free Give me a sense of wonder, To know I can be me
  13. gonfishn

    Kids ATV safety class

    I'm going to ask a stupid question? Is there any available class for kids. I've taken the Adult version and I think it would be beneficial for kids too.