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  1. Nice fish! Please put your PFD on.
  2. Nice report. I'm heading in at that same entry later this month.
  3. I have done that locally with my Souris River Q17. I take out the front thwart (2 screws each side) and put a cheap Coghlans dry sack full of water in the stern (bow). Some day I'd love to buy a solo canoe!
  4. Sounds like a great trip plan! I am considering that area for my middle son's first trip next year. Have fun!
  5. You could start at the Central Park on Hwy 7. Here is what someone told me when I asked... Put in at the County Park on CR 7 and paddle/float all the way to the park in Anoka. I think its Central Rum River Park and South Rum River Park in Anoka. Between the two county parks it is great. If you paddle between the two parks it will take 3 or 4 hours. Doesn’t seem that far but the river winds around a lot.
  6. I didn't pick the date - it was dictated by a guy's retirement date. I'm going to treat my clothes with Permethrin and bring a headnet and bug spray. Now there are 4 of us going. The focus is on fishing.
  7. Sounds good! Where are you going in? I have my first ever BW trip coming in July. It's a simple base camp trip with an older guy. I'm going back up in August with one of my sons.
  8. No idea on Kayaks, but I just have to say that you are right to be proud of him! Sound's like a good kid!
  9. It is similar to Hutch’s lead head jigs and H2O PRECISION JIGS. Google those two to get close.
  10. I looked for used. Most used ones were beat up from outfitters. I was able to afford new, so I went for it. SR does have some blems available but I wanted the Carbon-Tec.
  11. I have an SR Q17 coming in May. My first canoe!
  12. I think I would call Wayne at SR Canoes and get his opinion.
  13. I like the light-dark burk mix! That's one of my favorite techniques. To make it really stand out try putting a thin light and dark ring on both sides of the mix. Also - never even thought of a loon decal. Cool!
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