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  1. what i have done in the past is call them and tell them you are a guide and this is your lively hood to take people out fishing. i have had them respond nicely and next day ship a new one out to me. a little dishonest but i had my electronics go out in my boat the weekend before opener. i had it in 3 days.
  2. I just bought my new baby. 18 foot warrior tiller and was wondering about drilling into the fiberglass to mount electronics, adn rod holders and such. any thing i need to worry about or any advice to avoid spider webbing or cracking. thanks to whom ever replies
  3. if you are going eskimo or strike master. i would say strikemaster hands down. lighter faster and their headquarters are in big lake, so if you have a problem they are not that far away.
  4. I have seen them all i wanted some opinions on the new vexilar and strikemaster. are they completely water proof can you use them for rain gear, late fall early spring. are they warm? any pros and cons i would like to hear them. i like the ice armour, but price of the others is what i like best.
  5. go in the middle and get a 9 incher!!!
  6. yeah i would take some pics of that even though i have seen it more than once. [email protected]
  7. The first legend i bought i took it out in my car when i walked out the store and started to play with the spring and snap the tip broke. walked back in and got a new one. had it for a year and just last weekend i snapped the tip off. instead of sending it back in i heated the eye up and pulled the tip out and re glued it and i only lost less then half an inch. i broke it this time because of carelessness. i will say when i do use it especially for finess perching or pannies you cano not beat the spring set up. oh by the way they are 30% off at joes right now and they have UL, L, maybe one or two ML and Med left so not a bad deal.
  8. kurt bit one of mine off after a bottle of rumple minz sat night and then proceeded to scole me for not taking out the blood worms kind of funny but more disgusting, but that is kurt. yeah our group did well kurt boone cooper corey kurt son and derek a few of my buddies we took six spots out of ten, not bad was a great time. did you fish by kurt and boone on saturday.
  9. ahh yes boone and coop one of a kind guys. i figured if you wroked with them you would know who iwas talking about. are u guys staying overnight. we are all heading up tomorrow morning and i will be hooking up with those crazy guys in the afternoon, and my guess i will see you around on saturday for a cold one. should be able to find cooper pretty easily he will be playing his dirty country cd all over the lake. i think they are all staying at hunters at least tomorrow night not sure about sat. my first name is dan not sure what they will be calling me this weekend but im sure they will come up with something. I fished the electrican tournament at devils last year with those guys as well, and go out to lake michigan with boone every summer on his boat.
  10. was that a ribbing of some sort
  11. sorry got side tracked dreaming of open water and looking through the photo album from last year.
  12. sory to hear that buddy. hope is dong ok considering the circumstances. thoughts are with him aswell
  13. nice fish that salmon fishing sure is a blast.
  14. no doubt i assume it would be in outdoor news or mille lacs digest cant wait to see a pic.
  15. The liberty beach contest on mille lacs two weeks ago was won by a two pounder. first time in 23 years. I wonder how many sinkers they made that thing swallow.
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