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  1. crestliner16

    elm creek shotgun hunt?

    Heard there was a 9pt shot that weighed 245lbs this weekend at this hunt!
  2. crestliner16

    Elm Creek Park special Hunt

    It is shot gun this year. An yes I've been to a couple different park hunts an there were bullets flying! Just wandering if any of the 4 zones r better then the others?
  3. Anybody hunted this special hunt before?
  4. crestliner16

    Crow Hassan archery hunt

    got mine in mail last week for murphy
  5. taken on sept. 27th in metro zone. green scored 148 2/8 dressed 224lbs
  6. crestliner16

    Archery Hunting Photos

    Taken in metro zone. green scored 148. weighed 224lbs.
  7. crestliner16

    opinions on trail cameras

    Heard the primos work good!!!
  8. crestliner16

    whitewater wma

    any other ideas on places to stay?
  9. crestliner16

    whitewater wma

    is there any decently priced hotels or motels near by? plainview?
  10. crestliner16

    whitewater wma

    planning a trip later this month to bow hunt this. anybody ever hunt this before? pm me with any pointers!
  11. crestliner16

    Early season 2013 archery trip

    how has the blue tongue affected ND?
  12. crestliner16

    Area 1 - Elm Creek Park

    seen some pics from the elm creek hunt, there was alot of nice deer taken this year!
  13. Looking for the name an # for a official measurer to score a deer in wright county area.
  14. crestliner16

    Baker Park Hunt

    it hasnt been hunted in atleast 5 years i was told. i also got drawn
  15. crestliner16

    nose jammer

    spray it on the bottoms of ur boots before u walk in,then spray it around the base of your tree then when u get up in your tree stand spray alittle more. says u can get about 15 hunts out of one can.