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  1. I'm heading back up July 2010...anyone ever rent an RV? Thinking about doing this as this will be a first....always have thought it would be pretty cool to do as I see them all over the place when I'm there. Love to hear your thoughts and recommendations....good and bad. Thanks, Surfs~
  2. surfs

    gopher UND series

    Rodent on the menu! Go Sioux.
  3. surfs

    Joint Pain

    Thanks everyone for the advice/help. Took the dog to the vet and everything has been ruled out on the serious stuff. She is just in the early stages of developing arthritis so I am going to try synovi G3 and she how she does in next three to four weeks. Thanks again, Surfs~
  4. surfs

    Joint Pain

    I know what you mean. Even as young as she is, she is constantly watching my kids when we are outside and defiantly doesn't leave them or my wifes side. It's amazing how loyal and cuddly they are. It's to bad they get such a bad rap. I also have a 6 year old lab and they constantly play together.
  5. surfs

    Joint Pain

    Riverview...you da man! Thanks for the info, that's exactly what I was looking for. Funny side note, I have a 7 month old Rotti as well...great dog!
  6. surfs

    Joint Pain

    I have a 12 year old lab and she's having a hard time getting up when she's been laying down for a little nap. My question is, what kind of pill are any of you giving your pup for joint pain/joint health? I know I want the ingredients, glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM in it but just curious what brand or other thoughts. Thanks!
  7. I have Schaffer's rest....no issues with it!
  8. surfs


    Thanks guys, I actually didn't get to the fertilizer yesterday, instead went to the gym. I will be putting it down today instead, so thanks fisherofmen! I will mow first then spread it. It's the Scott's turf builder/fertilizer which you can apply anytime during the growing season. Thanks again~ Surfs
  9. surfs


    I have a general question, I am putting down some fertilizer today and is Friday to soon to mow/mulch after the application is down? If so, how long should I wait? Reason is that with this good rain, my grass has grown well but I also don't want it to get crazy long either. Thanks, Surfs~
  10. I also have gone out with Dan Blossom a few times as well! He does it right and as walleye stated, nice boat...he made it himself with some buddies during the winter months back in the day! He also doesn't screw around in the chicken fields either~
  11. Salty Dawg....great place and a must if in Homer! Great call Alwaysonthemove!
  12. I dropped over 8 grand two years ago at the U of M and I would do it all over if I had too! Sure it's a lot of money but she is like a puppy again (6 years old) and an amazing dog! It's only money, just make more...good luck with your decision!
  13. Oh, I forgot one other important piece, make sure you have a really nice camera with changable lenses, if possilbe....trust me, it will be well worth it! I learned the hard way my first year. The wildlife, mountains, rivers are amazing and the pictures will speak for themselves!
  14. I go there every year to Soldotna..friends live there. However, I have done just about everything there and around there. I also try to do something new each time. For butt fishing I would recommend any charter out of Ninilchik or Homer (Halibut Capital), AK which is past Soldotna. Again for me this year, something new, I will be a doing an overnighter on a charter out of Homer. The reason is that you are able to catch four vs two on one trip since you are out on the water for two days. There're also not fishing the chicken fields either. Another cool thing we did last year was a guided trip on the upper kenai for some rainbows. It's all catch and release but there are nice size bows plus great action on a fly rod. You just show up and they fit you for everything, waders, rod, ect. Another great experince would be out of Seward. Grab a charter out of there and do some sight seeing, sea lions, whales, puffins, glaciers, maybe some bears on the shoreline and of course, eagles and otters. Plus you can spend sometime fishing for sea bass which is delish to eat!! It is an all day trip, 1/2 sight seeing and the other 1/2 fishing. Once you are on top of the fish, you catch one after the other and you will limit. It's kind of like crappie fishing action wise just way bigger fish! When planning your trip to, make sure you hit one of the salmon runs on the Kenai for reds, a blast! If you get up there and a good rain has been forcasted or it has been raining for a few days, I would skip the kings in the river unless the the river has settle a bit but if not get a drift boat out into cooks bay but one of the river mouths. The river will turn up fast and the kings will not run since it gets so cloudy/dirty, they loose there sense of direction. They pool up outside the mouth in Cooks Bay and wait. The commercial guys had a field day last year with big numbers in the nets during the rain periods while I was there. Spent four 1/2 days with no action!! If it hasn't been raining and the kings are running, you will defiantly need to be on the river as the action will be great! Again for a guide, I would just do some internet surfing and call the Chamber of Commerce in Soldotna, Homer, Seward, ect as they will have a list of guides and chaters to go with and what is available. It is also priced pretty fairly on all avenues too since it is a business. The Chamber will tell you that as well. I could keep going on, but do some research on the area you want to fish/visit and you will have a great time. So much that you will probably be back again! Good luck~ I will be back during the last week of July, first week of Aug...last week of king season and the start of the red salmon run, if mother nature has it planned again!
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