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  1. Ok so let's talk about what really should happen... I'm going to a spot that I know well and fish often. I'm not stopping to fish just because someone else is there. But... someone is already fishing the shoreline. Do I need to completely abandon my intentions of fishing a spot? Or, can I fish out the second drop? Can I go 100, 200, 300 yards down the shore and start working in the same direction as the other guy? Should I go in behind the guy and fish it for a second time? Sure I could abandon the spot and move on to the next milk run spot but... what if someone is there also? I could spend all day chasing someone else's tail???
  2. Quote: Reds run from 6-12 lbs., and the current in the Kenai really flies! Baitcasters on 7-8 ft stout rods, with 20 lb+ test are common, 1/2-2 oz. of lead and hooks in the 2-4/0 range with a little yarn for legality sake. Up in the Russian you see a lot more fly rods, 7-8 wt or better. Spinning gear certainly works as well, but the baitcasters are easier to use as it's a flipping motion as opposed to actually casting. So you're doing more of a snagging thing than ???
  3. I am planning to come up to Kenai Peninsula July next year. Plan to do a bit of river fishing along with some Halibut charter. What type of waders are best? Do I need neopreme chest waders with rubber boots or the breathable lighter version with walking shoes?
  4. For such a quick trip either would have advantages. Getting to Sioux Narrows would be about an hour quicker. Most of the walleye spots are out a ways from Sioux Narrows. You can find decent walleye spots not far from Kenora.
  5. Yep! W/SR Lived in Waverly 1987 - 1998. Worked at Hobson Bros in SR. Played rugby too! First went to Canada & Jim's with Steve Downing.
  6. Al Smith put us on jig and twister tail fishing for eyes last year. We had a blast. ***fish the west facing sandy shore with weed growth*** We use crawlers or leach on spinners or live bait rig. Picked up allot of good techniques for bottom bouncing. We use these techniques in about all our spots. Down near Chisolm we are bottom bouncing or rigging. Needle Pt. is a bit funny. Some maps label Needle Pt on the North and Heenan on the South, some maps have it reversed. Not sure which is correct but we call Needle on the North side (it looks more like a needle) Do you have a cell phone number? We should compare notes. We'll probably go past you guys when you're returning home. We usually have breakfast in Sioux Narrows on the West side.
  7. Needle Pt, Copper Island, Moore Bay, Storm Bay, Route Bay, Scotty Island, One day trip down to Chisholm Island. We always stop by Guy's place when we travel through French Narrows. He towed us in one year. Is Witch Bay the closest area you've found for Pike? My buddy Ronn is the pike chaser. You guys ever fish up in Hades islands east of Middle? Looks like that could be decent pike area.
  8. DL What dates are you going to be up on LOTW? June 5 or June 12? Our group will be up June 9-15. We are staying at Smith's camp. What part of Hay island are you. I assume private cabin??? I don't know of any resorts on Hay Isl. We fish all that area.
  9. I've been there a few times but it has been a few years ago. The boys grew up in a town I lived in. The camp is rustic but nice. Electricity is from their own generators. Smallies will be fun. Totem brings groups over to Dogpaw for smallies. There guides don't really know the lake. Don't follow them. Lake trout are fun and prevelant as well. Watch your depth finder and if you see suspended fish over deep water, stop and jig them up. Heavy jigs with big white tails. Use a snap swivel. Cavier is mostly northerns. You might catch a stray walleye but don't count on it. The smaller portage lakes is where they send you for the walleyes. As for bringing your boat, I think I would. The boys tend to gouge a renter for dings on the props. They take a poloroid but... There are no lake maps showing depths. The camp placemat is about as good as your going to get.
  10. Sorry, I didn't realize I needed to check in as I have been out scuffing in tires. If you need to drop me I guess my fault. Good luck to all. Jerico
  11. Hi I joined your group. I see a few familiar names as I was on wc league last year and again this year. Today is the first time I saw the discussion board on FM regarding nascar. I usually check out the Leech, Winni, Park Rapids fishing reports. My experience with nascar racing goes back to 1983 when I helped a fellow minnesotan, Jerry Hemmingsen build the first Jerrico transmission for nascar racing. I had a tough time last year trying to figure out a strategy. I built a spreadsheet and I think I cornfused myself. Hopefully better this year. My goal would be to finish in the top half of the league. Good luck!
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