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  1. I am leaving for the Sakawea area on Thursday. Three days of hunting with my dad and brother. I will report when I am back on Monday.
  2. I have an early 90's Tuffy that, over the years, has sustained a few chips in the hull. Nothing major, but is there something that I can do to fill in the chips and small holes? I love my boat and I want to keep it a couple more years and then hand it off to my son.
  3. Do you use plastics or live bait? Or both?
  4. I will be out at 6:00 am on my favorite lake up north. My son will be in the front of the boat, outfishing me as usual, and I can't imagine a happier place. I will be pretty much worthless at work for the remainder of the week thinking about it.
  5. 10 times better? I think hsolist has about 10 more wins. Congrats to Coach C and the team. Ranked in the top 5 and champs of the North Suburban (I think) How's that cuz? Good enough for the back of the boat? See you at Christmas.
  6. Seeing that we are going to put in requests for "families", I want to officially request "The Dittrich Family" My first request as a new member is: Dietz, will you take me fishing seeing that I am a member of the family now? When is the next family reunion?
  7. Not to hijack, but would the prices be the same for a concrete patio?
  8. Many years ago, my (now ex) wife and I were casting spinnerbaits for northerns on a small lake up north. They were going crazy, and we were having a great time until I managed to sink my spinnerbait into her scalp. I had never heard quite that type of scream. As we headed in to shore with the blades twirling, she mentioned some things to me that I won't share due to rules violations. When we reached the hospital in Bemidji, they took her into one of the exam rooms for an extraction. When I showed up for moral support, they had her head in a vise in order to remove the hook. I didn't laugh out loud, but it was a rather funny sight. As we drove back to the cabin, she handed me spinnerbait without saying a word. We never spoke of it again.
  9. Why is it that I can see some of the pictures and with some all I have is a little box with an X in it? Could it be because of our firewall? Nice pictures all, but I don't think there is anything better than watching your kid catch fish. I must be old, because I get just as much enjoyment watching people in my boat catch fish as catching them myself.
  10. dlg

    Any Reports?

    Deitz, My son (one of your former students) put a 21.25 inch 5lb.'er in the boat. We must have yelled pretty loud because my cousin heard us from across the lake. She wasn't on a bed, just cruising in about 2 feet of water. He saw her hit the spinnerbait. A memory to last a lifetime. Great weekend of fishing with my son.
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