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  1. Here's the deal. The price is $900 because I can't get the power trim motor fixed. I know what to do I just don't have the time. The part it needs costs $4.30 at Ace Hardware. I can show you what needs to be done. I also have a new ignition switch that I can't figure out how to wire in. The boat runs great but the plastic nut on the old ignition switch broke. In order to mount it back on the dash it needed a new switch. I have a guy that will look at the switch for me. Otherwise if you want to do it go ahead but I'm trying to get it so it will run for anyone who is interested. I will try to get pics posted tomorrow evening. Otherwise call for an appointment I'm available everyday except this saturday.
  2. It has one console with a casting deck in the front and one in the rear. Max hp is 50. It moves at about 35 but rides nice. Call 651-592-4853 for more info. I'm not around my computer a whole lot.
  3. boat has 2 livewells that work. 47lb bow mount motorguide trolling motor. 50 hp force runs great. needs 2 captains chairs and carpet. Boat needs a little work but can be done cheap and quick. $1000 b/o. I do not have a camera but I can try to get pics. The boat is located in Bayport and I am available every afternoon to see it. 651-592-4853 Galvanized trailer is also included with new lights.
  4. Where did everyone dissappear to? This an awesome price for this machine. It is clean, runs awesome, not insanely fast but fast enought to have fun and keep up with the big sleds. 10 inches of travel whereas most indy 440's had only 8. Cover included at $1150. If no one wants that then what deal do you guys think is out there???
  5. Just lowered the price to $1150 cover included. Will consider partial trade for bow mount trolling motor.
  6. I sent out pictures to everyone. Is anyone interested. I am willing to deal to some extent I need to sell I am hard up for money right now.
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