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  1. Hey guys save yourself some trouble so far as the frame etc. You can buy used construction shacks for a song and you are half way their. My brother has one that is probably bigger than most people want 32 feet. lights run off a generator or gas. has a kitchen 3 fold out sofas 1 bed 8 or 10 holes. Camera hooked up to the 32 inch big screen. Makes it really easy to get the detail under water and to switch back and forth to the movie. The back door leads to the bifie and you know how the portable toilets have the trough for guys to go in? Well he built one inside that funnels to outside so knowbody has to go out to take a leak in the middle of the night. It came in very handy. Can't tell you where he got his but with the economy the way it is I don't think it would take a lot a lookin to find one. His is on the pond. By the way the honda generator 2000 is the ticket. A bit spendier than some but sips gas all night long and then some as well as being quiet.
  2. Does any body know what to do with fiberglass blisters. A couple that have delaminated and cracked open. The are 2 and 3 inches each. What product works best ?
  3. I am going out on tonka tomorrow (Sunday) for the very 1st time.I have lived here all of my life and never got around to going to Tonka. Anyway does any body have some tips on where to go and such to bag a few crappies. Iam looking to make it fun for the kids but my old reliable spots are on northern lakes I don't have a clue where to start on Tonka. Any help would be good.
  4. Who cares what it says. If you have never sat in one of these you don't know what you are missing. This is the most supportive and comfortable seat you can find. It makes a long day in the boat much more pleasurable.
  5. Hey guys, it says a park visitor witnessed the catch and called the paper with his cell phone so the paper could come and take the picture. The fish doesn't look like a million bucks like we'er used to seeing but it was witnessed.
  6. We as parents are partially to blame as is our society which now has many of our kids in hockey, baseball, soccer,gymnastics, dance, swimming etc. traveling from city to city with parents often taking one kid to Bloomington and another to Hopkins hey our kids don't organize their own time anymore we do. Can you blame a kid for wanting to veg for a while on the computer when they are competing all of the time. Its not just plain fun anymore it is competition for who makes the team and who gets to travel and which sibling gets mom's and dad's attention. I grew up in Coon Rapids and by the time I got to the end of my block we would have enough kids to play baseball all day. Now parents are afraid to let their kids go to the park because of all the risks. We need to lighten up on the organized sports and we need to learn to relax with our kids. Go camping, do a little fishing, teach them the value of taking pictures of the impressive things that can be experienced in our great outdoors. My kids will never forget the skunk that just insisted on coming into our camp in Door County. They still talk about how that skunk rubbed up against the tent after they got in it. Unfortunately I like many have failed to keep those kind of moments in the spotlight for my kids. Now they have their own lives developing and I can only hope for the best. Sorry for the soap box.
  7. Had an aquaintence bragging up a lure the other day. I don't quite remember what it was called. A double cowboy or double cowgirl? If anybody knows anything about it and it and the correct name I would appreciate being clued in.
  8. I am planning on going on a houseboat trip in northern Minnesota next year but have no idea which companies to check into or where. Please post back some info and suggestions.
  9. you can look up the value of boats and motors on NADA
  10. You might want to look at a composite prop. They are comparable to stainless for performance but don't have the risk of shaft damage if you hit something. As a matter of fact they are designed to snap off to prevent damage. I have had comprops and Pirhana composite props. The comprop needs to be replaced if damaged but the pirhana has seperate blades that can be replaced individually if damaged. it takes about ten minutes and the blades cost about 20 bucks each. My son snapped one off my merc 115 and I replaced it last week no muss no fuss. If you run where there are rocks and stumps etc its a good idea to keep some spares in the boat. At the cost of an aluminum you get the performance of stainless. If you want you can also have a set of another pitch to put on if you want to pull skiers or modify the boats performance. I went to a 4 blade from the 3 blade and had a noticeable increase in performance. It was a cheap way to find out if the performance was worth plunking down stainless money without paying stainless money. Check the pirhana out you won't regret it.
  11. I am not aware of any regs that indicate a size requirement for being on Superior. As has been indicated people do go out with anything from a canoe to a 50 foot sailboat. The real question that people need to take to heart is how much risk am I taking on by taking any particular craft. Also how much risk am I creating by going any particular distance from land. Valv's correct. It is all about the weather. For any of you who have had the misfortune to get caught out on Mille lacs in bad stuff you know how nasty large water can get. I always think back to a picture that was in the paper several years ago on opening day. It showed what was referred to as a 23 foot boat rocked up on a wave and the photographer's shot showed the complete deck of the boat as though being shot from the air. I am sure these guys thought they had a good boat for Mille Lacs. Again its all about the weather. If something brews can you cope with what it throws at you. have you provided enough of a safety net for yourself. And family!!
  12. About ten years ago I was fishing off a dock on Lake owasso and I hooked a really nice crappie. As I am working on getting the Crappie in, suddenly a huge Muskie shoots out from under the dock right between my legs. Now that was scary. She inhales my crappie and just sits there nawing on the crappie as though to say what ya going to do about it. I am literally standing there for 10 minutes. Ok maybe it felt like 10 minutes ! the whole time the fish doesn't evenacknowledge that I've got my pole bent with as much pressure on the crappie as I can muster. Some weird hope that I could somehow end up snagging the Muskie I guess. All of a sudden with the slightest shake of its head the line pops and she just ever so slowly swims away as though to say "thanks chump"
  13. Along that line and actually the next day, we were at the dead sea and catching some jumbos when all of a sudden it felt like I was pulling some weight. It turns out to be a perch alright. I had foul hooked it. And I mean that in the literal sense. I had hooked it right up its aaah lets call it its butt, bung hole, anus you name it, it hit the bulls eye. Talk about humiliating ! The poor guy!
  14. I was fishing on Pelican and hooked something repectable which turned out to be a medium sized pike. Not a bragger but not a hammer handle either. 5-6pounds ? I get it out of the water and immediately something is strange. My spoon had come off the leader. Yet it was hooked to the leader. Just not clipped on. It had somehow come off and the split ring had reattached itself to the leader above the clip. Yes thats right my spoon is now attached to the leader above the clip and no longer clipped at all.
  15. slippery rod, Under that same category of how did that get there ? I had a mechanic working on my boat motor one time and as we shot the bull he tells me that his buddy for some totally mysterious reason had taken the floatation out of his boat. Sure enough it gets swamped on FL. I chalk this up as one of the more stupid things that I have heard of in a long time . Only to hear a few months later from a Ramsey County sherrif who had helped with the recovery of a snowmobile that went for a swim. He tells me "it was the weirdest thing we went down to hook up the sled and what do we find" ? A boat. But the really strange thing was it didn't have any flotation. Strange but unfortunately true !
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