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  1. I fished it once this season, and it was pretty slow. I don't think there's a magic color or bait out there. We've had equal success on all lures and colors. I can tell you my cousin raised a beast last fall on a perch sinking Salmo Fatso. If that helps.
  2. Ron, I heard Pike love scotch...scotch, scotch, scotch.
  3. I found, that on really flat hot days like that, he best bite can be late morning and day. Seems like bluegills will really school up and suspend high over deeper water, 30+', on days like that. Topwater can be great in those situations, or just running a medium diving crank off the weed edge on a really sharp break. That's what I've foud to be effective, but who knows? Sometimes fishing is just bad, and there's nothing you can do but get hot, burnt and skunked
  4. Well, Bluejay, I have no problem using smaller baits. I'm not going to try to over compensate for something else. AH HA! PS I'll be on the water in about 36 hours. Are you coming?
  5. Too rich for your blood Bluejay? The Hodag will keep keeping on.
  6. Well, There's no clacking, but lots of sound. It's more like the sound a jitterbug makes, and it has a little prop on the back hook, and that puts out a pretty good buzzing noise. It's interesting. Nothing else like one. Sbould you get one? I haven't had a fish next to one yet, but I feel like I will soon(like this weekend). Also, they're like $30, not cheap. But, I'd get one.
  7. Row, I used to go to the Quetico every year. I haven't been up there for probably 4 years now, but it can be pretty amazing. I found that husky jerks and spinnerbaits(inline or standard) would consistently catch you the larger fish. I don't know why I just found that to be true. So, what I would do is cast what I though was good shoreline. That usually consisted of a tapering bottom with small boulders and some larger ones mixed thru. Hopefully, there's some sort of veggie in there too, if you're lucky. Bang shorelines like that with jerks and spinnerbaits you'll do just fine, and if that doesn't work tubes(reds, pumpkins or oranges)will. To get a break I'd find boulder humps, like the ones that pop out of nowhere in the lakes up there, and cast out a slip bobber with a leech, and relax. I don't know if you've ever been up there, but I've caught them up to 22-23" up there, and it seems like all of them are over 15". Get your forearms ready...they will burn.
  8. It's a wabbler. It really looks good. I got one late last season, and didn't use it all that much. The water had cooled off quite a bit by then. But, I'm looking forward to being able to use it a little more this season as the water begins to warm. Weird looking thing. But different, and that's what I'm banking on. Plus, they glow in the dark. I don't know if that's good or bad, but they glow.
  9. The small one 5-6", not the 7-8". I just got a free one, so I wasn't going to pass it up. I love the bigger version. I was thinking the little guy would be a good troller, and wouldn't get down nearly as far as the larger version, which will troll down to about 15'. Any of you tried the smaller raider, and have you found that to be true?
  10. I'm under the belief that the more erratic movement you can put on your lure the better, whether your trolling or casting. Especially, with pike. Or you just experiment unitl you find the magic combo, which will probably change all the time.
  11. I casted off 5 bucktails last fall on 50# powerpro. But for some reason I don't feel as comfortable with anything heavier than 65#.
  12. I see. That really makes sense, as far as the line out thing. The few times I have night casted for muskies I recall having the thought that I didn't know where bait my bait was, and when I be figure 8ing. Do you figure 8 after every cast at night? And, what's your favorite thing to throw?
  13. Swim, Could you explain why the black lights are going to help you? I'm assuming it will just help you see things in the boat, right? Maybe I'm missing something, please enlighten me? Thanks
  14. I think if you catch one, and you really want to get a picture of it, than just be responsible and smart. 30 seconds out of the water ain't gonna do much to an animal like a muskie. If you know what you're doing, I don't think there's a lot of harkm done. It's a fish, not a snowflake, or a delicate flower. Personally, if it's over 40", and I have a camera I'll probably try to shoot a picture, but I guess it really doesn't matter to me either way. I know I caught it, and hopefully there's someone else in the boat to verify. You just have to make a responsible decision.JMO.
  15. Man, I need to bring a freaking boat down here. I live in Eden Prairie, but the boat I use is in Otter Tail, so I miss out on the metro action, which is hard to beat. I've been trying to get it done for a couple years, this year it's happening. I think I found somewhere to keep it that isn't too far from home.
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