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  1. Leech has been tough, i have been up there 5 weekends this year and don't have a 40" yet. nothing that has produced fish for me the last 5 years is even showing fish this year. I even spent alot of time last weekend trolling Walker bay. I found alot of bait but no muskies in the boat. I even resorted to walleye fishing saturday night and although my dad and i only caught 2 fish it was better than i did with the muskies. going up again L-Day weekend to beat my head some more.
  2. I fished Saturday and Sunday and it's still slow. We saw alot (8-10) fish just laying right under the surface in the weed beds, they didn't react to lures and when they were spooked by the boat or our lures or in one case the line falling across their back after a cast the would take off in an explosion of water. Strange. We did see more active fish on rocks than in weeds. The cabbage seems to be turning brown. Also tried trolling Walker bay as we found some large schools of bait, Nada. I would like to hear what others find in the next few weeks.
  3. Topwater 50% Bucktails 30% Jerks 20% Nothing beats a topwater strike!
  4. I haven't been up since the 4th absolutely nothing then. We didn't fish Portage but we fished on Sucker bay. I am going up this weekend and i'll let you know what we find out.
  5. Has anyone had any success on Leech lately?
  6. Maybe it would be better to have more lakes catch and release only? Or have a larger minimum size? Or maybe Muskie fishing is in a cycle that right now is saturated with fisherman and as the catch rates per fisherman go down some fisherman will quit Muskie fishing? What I know right now is it is forcasted to be a great weekend and I am going to go out and enjoy myself.
  7. I agree it would be hard to police but so are all of the other regulations they have. I fish Leech and I have already heard stories of anglers keeping 18-26" Walleyes. The stamp would help promote releasing fish for those not intending to catch muskies. I had a guy a couple years ago bring a muskie he caught over to my boat and ask if he could keep it. I measured it and it was only 39" so I told him to release it and he plopped it in the water and drove away. I don't know how long he had it out of the water but it didn't look good. I guess my point is ignorance kills alot of Muskies and a stamp would sure help with awareness. The DNR could also track Muskie stamps sold each year and hopefully use that data to direct stocking and enforcement. I have no doubt the money would not all go toward muskies but there would be so many other benefits that is would be worth while none the less.
  8. For pike the more erratic the better. Jerk it till your arms fall off.
  9. I dissagree, just because you can catch a muskie on the same bait or in the same area as other fish is not a strong enough reason. You can catch a bass out of season unintentionally while fishing for crappies or northerns but it is still up to the integrity of the fisherman to return it to the water or face the consequences if caught with the fish in their possesion. There are always going to be a few poeple who break the rules but for the majority of us who follow the rules a muskie stamp is a great idea.
  10. Reel: Abu Garcia 5500 C3 - You should be able to find one for around $70 and will last a long time. Rod: Brand would depend on how much you want to spend i buy St Croix rods but Gander and Cabela's have decent rods for alot less $$$. Get at least a 7 foot rod heavy action and it will be very versitle.
  11. My brother and i used to fish Wabedo alot and the fish seemed really spooky. We had the best luck during the week in the evenings. We saw alot of fish during the day but had to come back in the evening with topwaters when the other boats were off to get 'em to bite. Good Luck.
  12. Thanks Jon. We had good luck last opener fishing deeper weeds where we could find them but we will try shallower this weekend.
  13. Has anyone else fished leech this year? Catch or see any fish? I fished both Kabekona and Sucker opener weekend and Nothing. going back up the 18th & 19th.
  14. Leech lake Muskies - 1, Jeffro - 0 Not even a look in 8 hours of fishing.
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