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  1. sandbagger

    Beware of thieves!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow. What a great picture.
  2. sandbagger


    Can certainly understand the mess with the lines. Sure is fun to watch them come in like that!
  3. sandbagger

    Video - Watch n release!

    I have spent a lot of time sight fishing pike with a rod/reel through the ice. Every fish acts a bit different. This past weekend I was out and we had some fish come in and hammer our baits, while others would just check it out and swim by. All depends if they are feeding or not and whether what you are offering looks enticing enough. The clearer the water, the simpler you want your set-up to be so things don't look to strange to them. I usually just use a plain hook and leader (no sinker).
  4. sandbagger


    Sham: That is one fantastic video. Would love to have that kind of action in a day! Do you ever drop a line down with a sucker minnow and rod/reel when the fish are that active? I love to catch and release fish those size in the winter while sight fishing. Would be an absolute riot with action like that!
  5. sandbagger


    That is a great pic. Must have taken some skill to take the photo and keep working that spoon...
  6. sandbagger

    Clam thermal house

    I have the clam Nanook thermal. I do a lot of sight fishing out of it and have never had problems with fish coming in. I do, however, put a blanket on the top since the pinholes in the quilting make it a bit tougher to see.
  7. sandbagger

    on the move

    Where you moving to? I grew up just north of Mahnoman and lived in Perham for a couple years.
  8. sandbagger

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    More from opener. The one in my RH is 13 inches and the one in the LH is 12. Shows how much differenct that extra inch makes. Still hunting for that elusive 16 inch+.
  9. sandbagger

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    Nice fish guys. That 16.5 incher is a hog. Here is my first crappie of the season caught on opener last Saturday. This one was 14 inches and was the first of about 30 fish over two days. Not huge quantity, but the quality was good. Three fish 14 inches, the smallest was 10.5. Most were around 13. Fun stuff. I kept five of the smallest ones.
  10. sandbagger

    Oslo Norway

    Nice job and congratulations. That water looks so immaculately clear.
  11. sandbagger

    MnDNR Speared Muskie Citations

    Otter Tail is a great lake for big pike. I'm not exactly certain why the 30-inch regulation is on the lake. There is a very healthy perch population in the lake so they have plenty of forage. The water is crystal clear and I spent a lot of time the winters of 07 and 08 on the lake sight fishing for perch in 8-10 FOW and I saw some some monster gators come through. I've also seen some dandy's in the summer when walleye fishing.
  12. sandbagger

    muskie photos + + +

    Outstanding photos and thanks for sharing. It's so fun to get a look into nature's/God's aquarium.
  13. sandbagger

    Darkhouse Spearing Photos Gallery

    Jameson: Outstanding pics. How big do you estimate fish #3 is. She's looks like a brute.
  14. sandbagger

    Darkhouse Spearing Photos Gallery

    That's a beautiful fish. Looks like it was a good shot right behind the head too!
  15. sandbagger

    fish movement

    Elwood: I'm jealous. I won't be in the spear house for nearly two more weeks. Withdrawals kicking in. Either way, I'll likely be doing my spearing in the morning or late afternoon hours, but it would be interesting to see what happens mid-day. I've just not paid a ton of attention to sunlight in the winter periods - mostly because most of my fishing is done at dawn or dusk.