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  1. The Bibs in the XXL suit above are actually XL, so Parka is XXL and Bibs are XL
  2. I have 2 striker floating ice suits: Suits include parka and bibs; these are extremely warm, have lots of pockets for storage and as clean as when I got them. New suits are $200+ for the parka and $200+ for the bibs. XXL - very good shape with only blemish being crotch of bibs have the seem pulled loose. (See photo) I will take $200 - which is less than a parka alone SMALL - suit was worn 1x by my son - so it is just like new. Asking $250 - again about what one piece separately costs. Contact: Randy Miller [email protected] or call/text 952-807-3235
  3. I have given it away sorry. I have requested this be removed.
  4. 8 X 4 portable ice shelter. Green Treated bottom and ends with tarp for cover/roof. In great shape, just haven't used in last couple of years and I want to make room in garage. You would need to pick up in Victoria, MN. Call Randy 952-807-3235 with questions
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    New MN State Record

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    Portability on a whole new level

    Dude needs a new auger
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    Cooking Eelpout

    Has anyone ever had a canadian fish boil with lake trout or northern? I am wondering if the pout would work for that. Similar to how Hydro prepared his. I had one a couple of years ago on LOW simply boiled and buttered and I was amazed how good it was. Made me mad thinking about how many I have released over the last few years.
  8. Only problem I have had is finding time to get out. I like the fact that there aren't 1000's of weekend warriors tearing around in vehicles. Everyone be safe and enjoy the last few weeks.
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    Trout Photo Gallery

    Congrats on the fish - thanks for sharing
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    Nice morning

    Great pics
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    Super Bowl XLVI

    31 - 28 Giants
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    Had some fun on Da Pond today.

    Looks like fun
  13. This is awesome. I wish you all much success. Unfortunately I will be at a B-Ball tourney all day or I would join in on the fun. These people are the TRUE AMERICAN HEROS - Thanks to everyone who has and is serving.