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  1. Thanks for all the responses. Just brought it home tonight. Got it with an eagle 54" plow and rear chains (don't know if their V bars). Already drooling over the tires/wheels Junky got for his. Be a tough sell to my other half after just borrowing enough get "all the new furniture we should have gotten years ago." Think I'll have to make due with these for awhile. Hope to take it out on ottertail this weekend, with all the snow, should be a good test of what it can do with just rear chains. Got it in camo cause the sales rep said that didn't scratch easy. Plowed a little with it at home tonight. Noticed it is very difficult to impossible to shift when idle is not absolutely low. Idle wants to run high. Seems to come down when choked full, but I thought it had run long enough to be well warmed up. Don't know if this is a bug I need looked at, or just my inexperience with it. Well, used my loan to buy a 12' utility trailer, an ottertail medium cabin and a vexilar f-18, if I can figure out how, I'll post some pictures.
  2. Looks like I will be getting my 1st atv in a few days(450 yamaha grizzly), I've seen pictures on the net of wheelers chained up on all 4. The dealer tells me not to do this as I"ll damage the front differential. Any thoughts?
  3. anybody else had trouble with mice chewing holes in the canvas while stored? Keep mine in the garage, tried hanging it up on a wall, they still get it.
  4. Thanks Junky, now that I've got my mind made up, feel pretty good about it. Just holding my breath waiting for the loan now. Their takin awhile deciding. I'm trying to get it as a signature loan with no collateral so I can get all the other items. Oh well, if it falls through I'll have another Ice season of good exercize, actually better than running on a hampster wheel at the gym but I do get kind of jealous of everyone roaring by me on sleds and 4 wheelers.
  5. Thanks Lep7, McGirk and all for responding. Sounds like the 450 is going to do the job for me. Thanks for helping me make up my mind. DP: what plow did you get? Holding up good? Larson: I am guilty of not shopping around. The dealer I went to quoted 6250 for a 2009 450 griz with a warn winch. I liked the salesman, he stayed a half hour past closing on a Saterday talking to me. The dealership is close to home. I'd prob. pay a couple hundred more than a dealer a long way from home, But not 800 more! I'll have to check out some more dealers. Hard to find the time. Titelines: yup, the trailer I'm looking at runs 1500, I'd like an aluminum, but havn't priced one yet, imagine it would be a small fortune. Gunmonky: 1992 Yamaha still going.. I hope they make the new ones that durable. Thanks again guys. Will post more later if loan comes through.
  6. At the risk of beating a dead horse, I am buying my 1st atv(if loan goes through). I will use it mainly for ice fishing and some trail riding;however, I would also like to use it for snow plowing. My driveways about 100 yards long, dirt with big dips and ruts forming, so would also like to be able to plow/spread some class 5 gravel if this is feasible with an atv. I'll have about 10 to 11 grand to work with. Out of this I need to purchase my atv, a trailer to haul it with(want to use trailer for other hauling needs also),a portable fish house, flasher unit, and a heavy duty plow setup. I,ve read all other posts comparing models, and like some others, I am not loyal to a brand, and also don't want to start brand bashing. May still look at Polaris 500, just have heard so much about the Grizzes reliability.Great advice already given on this subject I know. Mainly I'd like objective opinions on whether the extra money (about 1000) for a 550 would be a good idea given it will reduce my ability to buy quality in the other items. I like the recoil start option on the 450 even though some think its so hard to use as to be useless, still seems nice to have a chance should starting system screw up in middle of nowhere. I don't think the 550 has this option. I don't know if the power steering is plus or not.Might be just 1 more high tech gizmo to break down some day, can you still steer if it does? I'm leaning to the 450, but don't want to regret not being able to plow if I'm underpowered. I apologize for the long post, but this is prob. the only atv I'll ever be able to get. Can't believe I got the wife talked into this one. All replies appreciated.
  7. Promised a report. Fishing was great! Never thought I,d find walleye fishing easy. The last few days we only fished them a couple hours before dark. No trophies, biggest was 24 inches, but all the 15 to 20 inch fish we could handle. Spent most of our time fishing for northerns and smallies. We caught plenty of both. Biggest northern was 36 inches and biggest smallie was 20 inches. Hard to find those in Mn anymore. Didn't have any luck finding the lakers, wind kept us off the last spot we wanted to try. Something to shoot for next time. Tried to post pictures but haven't figured it out yet. Cyberspace dinosaur I guess. We stayed at Northern Sunrise Outfitters and were treated very well. All in all a great escape from reality, it was over too soon. Thanks to all who replied.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions, I prob. should have realized tow rope would float. Guess I never do anything else but fish when I'm on the water. Will post a report when we get back.
  9. Thanks for the reply outfitter, I,ll pick some large jigs and tails up.
  10. 2 of us are heading to lake minnitaki for 5 days next week and are bring our own boat. The outfitter we're staying at has a HSOforum that states Ont. regs require a whistle and a length of floating rope(among other things.) Well a whistle wasn't tough to find, but I haven't been able locate floating rope anywhere. I'm thinking of threading a couple styrofoam floats on a length of rope. Any suggestions? Also would like to try for lakers, have never fished them. Big jigs and tubes work at this time of year? Any suggestions appreciated, thanks.
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