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  1. Does anybody know how to find areas of the national forest or state forest that have been harvested in the past 5-10 years. Or maybe who would have the information in the area of Grand Marais. We leave in 1 week and I am trying to do some last minute research. Thanks.
  2. Does anybody know if it would be possible to hire a guide to moose hunt? If a person were to win the lottery would it be leagle to hire a guide to assist in the hunting of moose in Minnesota. Just a hypathetical question for all you legal eagles.
  3. My dad and I were drawn this year. I guess I should have purchased a powerball ticket at the same time. This is only the second year we have tried to apply. We are hunting in zone 79 by Lutsen, any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated. Good luck to all in the lottery.
  4. I know they exist but I can't seem to find one. I am looking for a sportsman connection's musky waters map book. Preferably one that is updated. I have several of these for regions of Minnesota but I can't come up with the musky waters version. Please let me know if you have any information. Thanks.
  5. From what I saw it wasn't Nathan that gave up the runs. It was a foolish play by Young. He did not have to dive for that ball in the corner. If he played it safe and just kept the ball in front of him the Twins would have had maybe a 1 or 2 run lead. Instead he dives for it and they score 3. It was a bad decision made by an inexperienced player. I have been impressed with the management of the Twins so far this year. The thing to remember is that there are a lot of new people on this team that didn't come up with the Twins mentality of playing baseball. It will come around and then watch out.
  6. Thanks I have seen the same program but I can't seem to find the jigs at any of the stores. I have tried Fleet Farm, Scheels, and Cabela's but they have to have it I would think. Thanks again for the help. 1/2 and 3/4 oz bullet shaped. Good to know.
  7. I was wondering what kid of jig heads you use for plastic swimbaits. Specifically the Gulp swim shads. Also how do you rig it for optimum action? I love the idea of using soft plastics for walleyes but I have no experience rigging them correctly.
  8. Does anybody know when the lottery results will be made known. I have been trying to find the date on the DNR HSOforum but I can't seem to find it.
  9. I have one more question for everybody if you don't mind. Are moose spotted more in clear cut areas or around lake shores and streams? Thanks for the help.
  10. My father and I just applied for zone 74. It lies along the Gunflint trail. Does anybody have any experience hunting in this area? I was also wondering if there are any good lodging places in that area for the first part of October. Also any suggestions of tactics for taking a moose would be greatly appreciated. I have plenty of experience hunting just not minnesota moose. Now all we need is to get drawn in the lottery.
  11. I am planning on appling for the first time. It has been a dream of mine to take my father up there and do some hunting. Does anybody have any suggestions on things that I should know or be aware of. I have plenty of hunting and outdoor experience just not for moose or in the NE part of the state. I am excited just thinking about it I can't imagine how excited I will be if we actually get drawn. I was also wondering how easy it is to find public hunting land in the area that is not in BWCA. Thanks for the advise.
  12. Cobb73


    Thanks for the advice. I am hoping that all I have to replace is the carpet but I won't know until I get the old stuff off. Thanks again.
  13. I was just wondering how difficult it is to recarpet an aluminum boat. Is it something that the average person can tackle himself or is it better to bring it in to some place that does that sort of thing. Another question is I am looking to upgrade my electronics. I would like to get a color screen but I don't want to spend 1000 to get it. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks.
  14. I have a minkota trolling motor running on one 12V battery at the moment. I was wondering if I can add another battery in parallel to increase the run time or if that is too much voltage for the motor to handle. I could add another battery and then change the connections but that seems like a waste of time for charging and ease of use. Thanks for the help.
  15. I know I can't use a scope on a muzzel loader during the muzzel loader season and from what I understand I can use them during the regular firearm season. Here is my question. Is a red (Contact Us Please) considered a scope if it does not magnify my target. I would like to put one on the smoke pole for the muzzel loader season. Does anybody have a clue as to if this is OK or not?
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