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  1. MNwaterfowler, I used to go to school up at NDSU and did ALOT of hunting in the Valley City area. I used the Foiles Dead Meat and never had a problem with it. It never seemed to freeze up on those cold days and was very loud when trying to pull down ducks over fields and water. The valley City area has alot of hidden gems that can be very productive. I am hoping to take a trip back there very soon.
  2. I have recently been scouting out new areas for waterfowl hunting this year and i was wondering if you are allowed to hunt Spring Lake on the Mississippi River near Hastings. If you can hunt it who could i get in contact with to find out what the boundaries are, so I dont end up hunting somewhere im not supposed to be. Thank you for any help.
  3. Fish6095

    Pan O Prog

    I did absolutley terrible. Some how my partner and I managed to zero. We fished everywhere and tried everything we own and just couldnt buy a bite. But it was still fun. How did you end up doing?
  4. Fish6095

    Pan O Prog

    I was just wondering if anyone here is going to be in the Pan O Prog bass tournament this weekend on lake Marion? I'll be there in a dark colored Nitro so stop by and say hi.
  5. Well, with the real fishing opener just around the corner I was wondering where everyone was thinking of going to chase bass on Saturday.
  6. Last year I finally started fishing deep weedlines for bass and quickly learned thats the way to go if you wanna consistantly catch big bass in the middle of summer. So my question is how do some of you go about locating these weedlines because they usually arent located on maps and if you dont know the lake like the back of your hand these areas are usually pretty tough to locate? Thanks!
  7. I use Cajun line on my spinning reels for bass fishing and I like it alot. I use it for finesse fishing around/under docks and I have only broken off once. Its also great for detecting light bites because the line is so visible above the water you can easily watch your line. So over all very abrasion resistant, low memory, and superior strength.
  8. I totally agree with the NDSU comments. Last fall was my second year there and I'm really starting to find some honey holes around the area. Nothing beats hunting every weekend in ND.
  9. With the duck hunting season long gone my mind is turning to bass fishing. Since this year I will be fishing more tournaments I think a bow mounted sonar is crucial. So my question is can I wire the depthfinder to the same battery I have my trolling motor wired to or do i have to get another battry all together to wire the depthfinder to? Comments appreciated
  10. I will be coming home from college on friday for winter break and i was hoping to get in some late season goose hunting. I was just wondering if there were any numbers of geese around the Northfield area. Comments greatly appreciated.
  11. I go to school here in fargo at NDSU just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some descent goose hunting within 60 miles of fargo. Already hunted out near Valley City with some success but i would like to find some new places. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Just wondering if anyone will be hunting around the Talcot Lake area, cause thats where Ill be laying in the field waiting for another great season to begin. I cant wait!!
  13. I just recently had a bass fishing tournament out there and heres what i can tell you. We caught all of our fish around submerged wood and logs. The bass relate heavily to submerged wood in this lake. Also fish the two points on the south east side of the lake. Fish those points pretty close to shore and you should have pretty good luck. There are big fish in that lake.
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