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  1. Thanks for the advice Mac. With the nice weather today, I finally got to adjust that screw. Smells to be working. Now just to get the ES working right. I'll order that sensor this week and hope it fix's the problems I'm having.
  2. Originally Posted By: nine-tinerDzNutsOdds are if you are having troubles with the ES on the Hondas it is the small sensor detecting the angle of the shift control. (small black sensor located near the spud for "emergency" shift attachment) Had to have it replaced on an '03 a couple times and '04 once. Otherwise I liked the ES. Not sure what the burning smell would be. I see its only a $9 part. I'll give it a try. MacGyver, I guess it's time for me to get a shop manual and learn how to adjust the trans. Unless you have a quick way of doing it... What are peoples opinions on shop manuals. Is there a brand that people prefer? Thanks guys.
  3. Resurrected from the dead. (I like to do searches first ) I bought a 2000 Honda Foreman 450 ES a month ago and have nothing but trouble with the ES. It doesn't shift down like it should and I can't hardly get it out of reverse. Sometimes it takes 25 tries to shift into neutral. I try rocking it and shifting, I try being on the gas and shifting, I have tried about everything but turn off the machine to shift it. Also sometimes if I don't shift it into neutral when its running I can smell something burning. My guess is the trannys burning. Is this normal? I have checked the engine fluid (which I believe is trans fluid also ?? )and it is fine.
  4. Quote: Quote: Jack, I sent you an email. DzNuts - I'm not sure who Jack is, but thanks for the offer of help. Good point. I don't know who he is either. Welcome for the offer.
  5. Quote: Quote: Then again, depending on how much of the 12 is gone, you could always interrogate them. I don't think they would mind waterboarding. Hahahaha!! I'd say give them some beer to loosen them up but that would be alcohol abuse. Not happening in my home.
  6. Quote: What is happening when the pilot flame goes out when you let off the button to turn it up to high? Tighten your thermocoupler where it connects to the red knob (it's on the inside that you have to tighten)
  7. Jack, I sent you an email. Edit: I just seen page two. If you'd like you can still send the pix to that Ram_N....
  8. DzNuts


    Does the fireline crystal have much memory? I most often hunt pannie's with small jigs, and it always seems to be 'coiled' so I loss the use of my spring bobber til I catch a few fish. Kind of a pain.
  9. Iceman, would the pilot light come on when you held it down but wouldn't stay lite when you let off of the button? Have you been able to turn it back on since?
  10. DzNuts

    Otter mod

    Uuuuuuu, daddy like the red. It looks soft and warming (dang, that sounds "happy"). Post up some more pic's will you. I always like seeing other peoples hard work.
  11. Quote: intermittant spark if it was disconnected there would be no spark. Ah, I can't help you with that. But if I were you, I'd partially disassemble the heater and start wiggling wires to see if and where it is loss. I was having a problem with my pilot light not stayin on even after I had held it down for over two minutes. It was a pain to get to but I went inside and really tightened the thermocoupler to where it meets the switches (the red knob on top) and it fires right up. I might even have to loosen it a turn as it will stay lite in a VERY short amount of time. I don't need warm weather causing the pilot to dump out gas when it isn't being used.
  12. Is it that it isn't sparking or isn't lighting the pilot?
  13. Does anyone use a 3 wheeler to pull there portable around with? How does it work out for you?
  14. I just bought my first tip up. Never liked slimmers, never fished for them but I thought what the heck. How long of a mono leader to I want? And do you still put a steel leader on the end of that? And what knot do you use to tie the braided line and mono together? Name of it should work, than I can do a search on that knot to see how it's done. Ryan
  15. DinkADunk, could you send pictures of that custom set up to me. I'm very interested in the idea. I'd like to get spring bobber on a couple more rods but don't like the Frabil popper springs. Ram_N_R6 att yahoo.com Ryan
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