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  1. I have 4 that I would like to know the real value (have kinda an idea but want to be accurate) and maybe sell them. All handmade, very collectable. Where would I get some accurate appraisals and info?
  2. Where would one go to sell some spears? (besides hsolist)
  3. Notcho

    Old props

    Try BC prop in St. Cloud.
  4. Were you on pelican? Thank god the water is going down lost count on how many lower units were busted this year on Devils.
  5. Notcho

    Solo oil mix?

    3rd year running Saber 100:1 in my 3hp Solo runs like a top.
  6. "Tues Nov. 23rd 2010" Time stamp on the cam...
  7. I use a Garmin 450T and a Nuvi for in the vehicle, both with my lake master chip. The nuvi works awesome with the chip. I would recommend both.
  8. Sorry for the grim outlook, the last two companies I worked for did the same thing. Got bought out, big company bought small profitable company growing exponentially then streamlined production, lowered overall costs, increased investor profitability, lessen quality, while increased market share. Looks good on paper but the consumer suffers. I hope i'm wrong, I love my strikemaster auger.
  9. Mark my word... this will not end well in the long run.
  10. I saw a video on youtube where a guy set up a hunting blind on a river and was spearing carp like crazy so it got me thinking... How do I do that?? Anyone try this and what do you look for in a spot?
  11. Notcho

    Which Solo?

    Sold my jiffy bought a 3hp solo... now on my 3rd season with Strikemaster! Got the Strikemaster and never looked back. Nothing wrong with Jiffys if you like really heavy augers that cut half as fast and don't run on their sides and take at least 5 pulls to start then die right away leak gas all over the place ect... For the record my experience was with a brand spanken new Jiffy 3hp Stealth STX, bought it because everyone said how great they are... sold in less than 1 month from new.
  12. It's really nothing new, but it is... JD Jones from SSK industries came up with the wildcat "300 whisper" basically a 221 case necked up to 30 cal back in the late 80's. It had a cult following in the suppressed community for years untill about 2 years ago AAC basically standardized the cartridge with SAAMI and called it the "300 AAC Blackout". With all of the new AR owners out there wanting to get something bigger/better AAC saw an opportunity and ran with it. Shooting this round subsonic and suppressed is amazing and I think it will gain momentum.
  13. I got one of the new insulated otter cabins this year. Best on the market in my opinion! I was "team blue" until I saw the quality of the otter. Sold my clam and never looked back.
  14. Called them this morning, the lady on the phone said no problem we can fix it bring it in. Stopped in this afternoon they checked the pitch with a gauge. A guy named Mike showed me the side that was way off on the gauge so they adjusted it and slapped some new blades on at my request. They ran the motor checking everything over and making sure everything was good to go. I was there maybe 10 minutes and under $40 later I was on my way. Customer service can't get any better than that, the no b/s attitude glad your a customer thing goes a long way with me!
  15. Getting off my atv with my Strikemaster auger in hand last night I slipped on the ice and fell. No big deal right... Got up and started up the auger to drill a hole and it would not bite in just hopped around and made little shavings. Looked at the blades thinking I damaged them, they looked good then checked to see if I bent the shaft and it looks straight. No wobble or anything. So I thought maybe I tweaked the blades but couldn't see it so I put my spare set on tonight and same thing. Do you think Strikemaster will help me out? I'm going to call them tomorrow to see if it is covered under the warranty. It's under 1 year old. What do you guy's think??
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