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  1. DT10 Guy

    If you caught an EYE on opener what depth?

    Fished a metro area lake from 5:30 - 9 and landed 1-19inch walleye at 8:30 in 19 ft of water. Location was just on the edge of a 13 ft mid lake hump.
  2. I will be heading out to a metro are lake Sunday morning, hopefully the walleye cooperate. DT10
  3. DT10 Guy


    Most outlaw country works for me: Waylon, Cash, Willie, Paycheck, Kris...oh and throw in some Dylan and Floyd.
  4. DT10 Guy

    For those of you without a shelter

    I have used a Pak Shak for the last three years. Second time out this winter all of the plastic parts holding the chair together cracked and broke off. It was super cold that day so I think it met it cold threshold. I went out and got a Clam Kenai that was on sale at Fleet Farm and I am very happy with it.
  5. DT10 Guy

    Whitewater park help

    Hey Rob, A good starting point would be right in Whitewater State Park. You can access the river from a couple different parking spots. Check out the dnr state park page for a map of Whitewater State Park. Just remember you will need a park permit in the state park. DT10
  6. DT10 Guy

    Forestville State Park

    The trout did cooperate on Friday and Saturday. Caught a lot of browns, nothing huge but plenty of action. I enjoyed Forestville State Park and plan on coming back.
  7. DT10 Guy

    Forestville State Park

    Thanks for the advise. Just made my reservation. Now I just need the trout to cooperate!
  8. DT10 Guy

    Forestville State Park

    I plan on heading down to Forestville State Park at the end of this week and I am wondering how busy the campsites get during trout opener. Am I going to be able to get a campsite if I show up Friday morning? Thanks for any info--DT10
  9. DT10 Guy

    conservation fishing licence any one buy or have one?

    I purchased the conservation license last year and will do the same for 2010!
  10. DT10 Guy

    Gulp Alive Minnow Heads

    I use both the minnow heads and waxies in natural colors and have had success with both. I still haven't purchased real waxies this winter and I don't plan to. DT10
  11. DT10 Guy

    Gulp Alive Minnow Heads

    I have had pretty good results with them for crappies & sunnies this winter. Nice to have around for quick trips to the lake instead of going out of your way for a bait shop. DT10
  12. DT10 Guy


    Hey Servo, Thanks for this great mapping tip, however, I am getting stuck right at the end. I never see the google map version after i click the Set Transparent Color tool. Can you explain that in more detail for me. Sorry, I am a little slow DT10
  13. DT10 Guy

    Fish Cleaning Table

    Hey Sandmannd, Where did you find a fish clip like that? I have board that I could attach one of those to. DT10
  14. DT10 Guy

    Favorite Soft Bait Brand

    Mister Twister and Berkley are tops for me. However, I do love the Zoom lizards. DT10
  15. DT10 Guy

    What's Your Favorite Gulp Alive?

    3" smelt minnow. I haven't tried the leeches yet. DT10