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  1. Most of the farmers are having to wait for colder temps to freeze the ground before they can get back to harvesting. It could be December before they make a lot of progress in some areas of the state.
  2. Was near Graceville early in week and didn't see many ducks. There are still some pockets of geese, but the mallards must have moved through.
  3. My 2 year old, yellow lab has had this happen several times when over excited for many hours. His tail will swell at the base and become painful. It usually takes a few days to improve, but before long your labs tail will be wagging like crazy.
  4. The Stevens County Pheasants Forever Chapter will be hosting its 25th annual banquet on Saturday March 29th at the Old #1 Bar and Grill in Morris, MN. "Crowing Hour" to start at 4:30 with Dinner at 6:30. Highlights include guest speaker Tony Dean, wildlife artist James Meager, more than 25 guns, and a special one of a kind 25th Anniversary shotgun. For tickets or additional information call 320-585-5157.
  5. I work in Traverse County (Western MN) and they got hit pretty bad on the western edge of the county. There is 1/2" to 1" of ice on everything. There isn't a lot of snow in the fields but the ice is a bigger issue. A friend and I spread some corn in a couple fields (far enough off the road to discourage road hunters) where we saw a lot of birds and I was surprised to see that the pheasants had been chipping away at the ice and getting a few soybeans. Hopefully the weather improves and they hang in there. As far as hunting, it is going to be near impossible to sneak up on anything with all the ice.
  6. Not any open water east of Ortonville but there are still some birds (mainly geese but good numbers of mallards in some areas). Plan on field hunting if you make the trip or bring a pick ax to get through all the ice.
  7. I haven't been by Ortonville but Mud Lake north of Lake Traverse froze up last night and some of the big sloughs by Herman also froze. With a forecast of lows in the single digits overnight and less wind you better plan on hunting really big water or fields. Good Luck!!
  8. There are definetly some new birds in western MN, too bad most of them are geese but we were able to scratch 6 mallards for 2 guys tonight(should have had our 8). Hopefully things don't freeze up the next couple of days.
  9. You can also check out the US Fish and Wildlife Service HSOforum, click on the region you want, the state you want (MN) and then click on an office location. This will lead you to county maps of all the Waterfowl Production Areas (WPA's- the ones with the green signs)in that area of the state. You can even view an aerial photo of of the units (warning the photos are from the mid 1990's so they look wetter than they actually are). Most units have been upgraded to native grasses so they should hold some pheasants. Good luck and let me know if you make it out to western MN sometime.
  10. As for how old a dog should be before using these products, I would double check with your vet. My vet told me not to apply frontline until at least 10 weeks old.
  11. I agree with lawdog. You may want to hit it with roundup early to give the corn a good start and then consider cultivating if the weed pressure gets bad and the corn is still short enough. By cultivating the second time, you will only remove the weeds between the rows but you will leave enough other weeds to provide enough cover in your plot. Good Luck!!
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