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  1. Senko - I think I'd have to spend a bit more than $60 to have a hoist installed on my truck to get the 90 hp Johnson into the bed by myself I'll stick with the transom saver for now...
  2. My dad got these pics last week in his back yard on the WFC. I know some of you guys like to pick apart photos, so be gentle. These were taken by a novice.
  3. Kato-guy, Feel free to call or e-mail me anytime about the truck. My phone # and e-mail address are both included in an earlier post. Thanks.
  4. Truck is still for sale. Sorry for the delay again. I just got back from a successful deer hunt out west. Added 1700 miles to the truck without any problems! Put a new battery in it before the trip for precaution. Anyone seriously interested please e-mail me.
  5. I did not make the hunt this year, but here's another pic that makes me want to go next year. My buddy's cousin got this 208 lb buck on Saturday morning. (I hope he doesn't mind me posting the pic)
  6. Yes, still have it. It still runs and drives just as good as it did when I got it - it's just a bit uglier now I am a hunter too, so I am not willing to take a hit on it until after the season - asking price is firm. It's a good huntin' truck. (No sense in getting my new one all dirty when I still have this one to use.)
  7. Sorry it took so long to get back to everyone. Sunniesboy - you have e-mail. Greg, I need some contact info for you - or you can call me. Scott, yes it has cruise and power windows & locks. (Power lumbar bucket seats too!)
  8. Dean, I have a 14' aluminum duck boat w/25 hp motor, wood floor, and skybuster blind and you can't tell it's behind the truck when towing - even when packed full of decoys and gear. You would need a drop hitch though, because the back end is pretty high.
  9. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the truck. Just a little rusty. I have owned it since 1997. Lots of preventive maintenance, never been in accident.
  10. 1993 F150, 5.0 V8, Auto Trans, Push button 4X4, 140K miles, new tires, new exhaust, new windshield, new license tabs too! My loss, your gain. Must sell $1,900.00 Located in Mankato.
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