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    CCarlson I have a mod 700 classic in 7mm-08 and by uncle has it in a micro medallian. Look at the mountain rifle or an a-bolt. You won't be disappointed! Sweet caliber.
  2. Batman


    I started my son out with a .243. I was worried at first that it would be too light. Not the case, this caliber has put down many a deer. In fact now that my son has grown I find myself using the .243 more often than my other rifles because of the light recoil. I have not had one deer go more than 50 yards. Another issue with a lever gun for beginners is the exposed hammer. after chambering a round you need to squeeze the trigger to lower the hammer.
  3. Jeff, do you have any plans to package these in a kit like the premium Jigs?
  4. I don't fish a lot of cranks. Mostly weed edges and rock humps. Size would depend on depth inabling me to bump bottom. Fat Raps and DT's mainly. I didn't think I had a favorite color until looking at my cranks one day. It seems like it must be Blue back and chartruse sides by the large number meeting that description.
  5. Batman

    topwater baits

    A black scumfrog is my favorite. Great in the lillypads just before dark. Nothing better than a Bass on a top water We head to lake fork every spring, next year will be in May to try the top water bite.
  6. 2thepoint, I would like Scott's info. I would be interested in a 8 month. [email protected]
  7. Jeff, do you have any plans to package these in a kit like the premium Jigs?
  8. I live in cambridge and have never fished the rum. Does anyone know if there are cats in this stretch?
  9. Lok closely at the picture, does it look like two sets of gills?
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