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  1. Keep going Guys! Another page or 2, and this thread has all the makings of a top 10 Country Western tune!
  2. I agree WG. And this was the argument I posed to him. They were big into boating a number of years ago, and they used to keep their boat at a marina on the St. Croix. According to the boaters who were "In the know" "you always store your boat on a Red Rock floor. Otherwise you need to block up the trailer." And like I said, I'd never heard of this before, and I was wondering if anyone else ever had. And yeah, a do want to put a slab underneath it for the very reasons you mentioned.
  3. I need your help/opinions here guys. We are looking at having a storage shed or garage built this summer. Some where in the 26 x 30 range. It's mainly going to be used to store the boat, lawn care equipment, 4 wheeler etc... A friend had told us that we don't want to put a slab in the shed, but rather leave just a Red Rock floor. His reasoning behind this was according to him, tires don't deteriorate or rot as fast on red rock as they do on concrete. Has anyone else ever heard this or is he just blowing smoke?
  4. You're right, stock 07 package. The only thing I added was the kicker and electronics.
  5. Thanks Gregg. Yeah it sure is purdy when it's all shined up!
  6. Plenty "O" fish BnS. What I like the most is my wife feels safe and comfortable in bigger water now. More so than our old boat. I had a chance to buy my "dream boat" if you will, so I jumped on it. But, you know as well as the rest of us, it's not the boat that catches the fish.
  7. I love it. It's the quietest motor I've ever had. It's nice to be running on plane and be able to carry on a conversation without yelling to one another. It can get a little thirsty running WOT, but it's worth it.
  8. Here's mine. 07 619 VS W/ 225 Verado and 9.9 Kicker.
  9. Yup, it's Canadian Shack. So they'll do this for free you say?
  10. That sounds even easier! Thanks!
  11. Thanks Guys! As always the advice is much appreciated. I guess I'll be calling Ford after all. Beak
  12. I've got a 99 Crown Vic. Is there any way to shut off the daytime running lights? I put Silver Star headlights in, and I'd like to get as much life out of them as possible.
  13. Peg: Aaaalllll! Al: Yes my little Aneurysm?
  14. Thanks DTRO. I never knew Nitrogen was an option. I'd never heard of it being used this way before.
  15. So what does Nitrogen give you that air does not? I guess I don't understand.
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