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  1. Talked to a buddy who was out past rabbit point last week and he said about the same as huntercj. Depending on the storm I'm going up Monday or Tuesday for a few days.
  2. Went out to the cabin last week to open it up for the summer. Got everything ready to roll and did a little pike fishing as the walleye season wasn't open yet. Got a 38" and a 36" in a couple hours and kept a 5 pounder for dinner. Ready to hit it hard this weekend.
  3. Is there anyone that sells livebait between rainy river and Morson this winter?
  4. Huntercj, any idea where the bad ice - open water is?
  5. Thanks for the update. Planning on making a trip out to the cabin between Christmas and New Years if the ice is good by then.
  6. does anyone know if the navionics usa app has the canadian portion of LOTW on it or is it just the MN side?
  7. fired right up at -18 degrees. haven't started it outside any colder then that.
  8. Thanks Reinhard, I have often thought about getting a good quality vacuum sealer but when I see how much they want for the bags I just feel like it's a ripoff. Who know's though if it would save some things from getting thrown out they might be worth it. I'll try to do portions that will be eaten within 7 to 10 days each time so if properly smoked I guess that shouldn't be a problem. I'll maybe put some things that are going to be eaten in a day or two in ziplock bags but will use tupperware containers for anything longer. Thanks again.
  9. I plan on smoking a turkey, some chicken, a bunch of ribs and to save some money I would like to do them all at the same time. Just wondering what some storage options are? Like how long can I just leave them in the fridge or if I have to freeze them what is the best way to do that without a vacuum sealer. Thanks
  10. Tried Chef's recipe tonight and everyone loved it. I didn't have any ketchup so used Heinz 57 instead.
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