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  1. Will be chilly at game time 58 with 65% humidity and a little wind. This definitely can hurt a dome team like us. Need fast start, have to get speed going early. Whities are slower than slow, cold will make them even slower and hurt the long ball chances. MVP candidates (M&M Boys) needs to man up and act like it. Blackey will give us 6 good ones. Then pray til we get to Nathan. My prediction Twins 5 WS 3.
  2. Thanks for the info guys, I hope to hit it sometime this summer.
  3. Anyone know how the muskie population is in this lake?
  4. With gas prices the way they are we are not sure if a trip will happen this year. No plans made yet, probably just wing it.
  5. Thanks for the info, I know it has an excellent walleye population. Any smallies?
  6. Anybody fish Island for musky? Is there a viable population established>
  7. How about 'skies in the Alex chain? Clean deep waters with lots of acerage & lots of forage.
  8. We are thinking of trying something different. Been going to Minaki for years and fishing has really slowed down last 3-4 years. Maybe do some day trips on Shoal, Dryberry, Manitou, and Eagle.
  9. Thanks for the info HooknBullet. Are there good cabbage weed beds, or mostly rocks.
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