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  1. Want to help collect data for Mille Lacs Smallmouth? Go to this page and enter your catch information: http://mglures.com/basssurvey/login.cfm Given that the focus is on walleye on Mille Lacs, opportunities to gather data for bass takes a back seat. If you are concerned about the bass population, do your part and report your catch.
  2. KickNBass

    Avid 6'8" mxf

    I know the wrong forum but not getting any hits on the right one...anyway Anybody have a Avid 6'8" MXF Casting Rod they would be willing to part with? $80-120 depending on age/condition. Not looking for any other lengths/actions, maybe would consider other models withing the St.Croix family above the Avid level. Looking for a few of these. Model AVC68MXF
  3. The size of the lake doesn't matter much. I know a lake that has produced several 7 lb bass and it is pretty small. Helps that it is semi-private. To me, optimally, you need a lake that had a small pressure/acre ratio to produce a big fish. Usually that comes in a form of a private lake, a big body of water or a sleeper lake. There's a lake I know of that you can catch monsters from at the right time but everybody that fishes it is targeting walleyes and crappies and it is definitely not a numbers lake for bass to the point where I don't even waste my time with it even with the big pay-off.
  4. Yeah but 11 lbs 3oz from 1940......
  5. KickNBass


    I have heard great things about the Costas. I have glass Maui Jim's, best glasses I have ever owned. Put them on and my eyes just relaaaaax
  6. Some more info I got from the DNR when I asked about this: Here is a timeline on the State Record Largemouth Bass. The largemouth bass record of 8 lb 15 oz stood from 1944 to 1961, when it was broken by a 10 lb 2 oz fish from Prairie Lake, Itasca County. This bass record stood for another 20 years, based on an affidavit provided by the lucky angler, with no picture or record of a weigh-in. Department of Natural Resource Fisheries disqualified this recorded in 1982 and replaced it with 9 lb 6.5 oz fish caught in 1961. This largemouth bass, along with several others, were either disqualified or not certified from the period 1982-1985. In 1985, after clearing several suspicious records, Department of Natural Resource Fisheries accepted new largemouth bass applications from anglers for bass 7 pounds and larger. In the coming months, a string of new largemouth records were set and broken. In fall 1986, the record climbed to 8 lb 9.5 oz.; in 1994 to 8 lb 12.5 oz. In 2005 a new record was established for with a 8 lb 15 oz bass. Hope this helps! Hook'em Where it Counts, On the Great Outdoors! Mike "Cold Front" Kurre
  7. One of the reasons the MN record is so small is because we did a complete redo of the record a while back because of suspicions of some being Florida fish, I think even one guy admitted to it. WI's state record was probably a Florida fish too.
  8. KickNBass

    Garmin Panoptix

    This looks sweet...would work well for ice fishing too... http://www.bassresource.com/bass-fishing-videos/panoptix.html http://sites.garmin.com/en-US/panoptix/
  9. KickNBass

    New BPS Pyramid

    This place is crazy...apologies if a re post, haven't been following the site: New BPS Pyramid
  10. St. Croix and Pool 3. There is an area accross from catfish Bar in Afton, MN that the White Bass light up nightly in the summer. Casting the shoreline all along the stretch from Hudson to Prescott, you can find White bass. The wing dams south of Prescott will hold them as well.
  11. I've done it a few times. As others said, it's hard to find them in the weeds but I've found them on the outside of a weedline and caught them a few times. Helps to have your range smaller. I also have been picking up schools of sunfish in the weeds, suspended above pretty well so you could see bass too but it probably isn't as recognizable as a bait ball.
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