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  1. Thanks guys, I have not done any research past the rough cost of the procedure.
  2. My 6 month old lab has OCD in his left hock. Just wondering if anyone has healt with it and how?
  3. Hubercita, thanks for the info, I checked it out looking for a similar recipe with a different wad.
  4. Hubercita, where do you get the SP12 wads at?
  5. Burl, my lab tested positive when he had his first test as a pup. He always tested positive but he did have two hunting seasons when he wasn't feeling well and we put him on antibiotics and a steroid. The symptoms went away but he still tested positive.
  6. Hey Guys, we are looking for a yellow male pup. Preferably out of two blacks, good with kids, house dog and good hunter. We had too put ours down due to stomach cancer.
  7. Jerkin'm, How did your buddy do on St Joe? I am still thinking about a trip up there.
  8. Cody Dawg,what time of year were you there? I am also thinking about going up there. Was the wind an issue? Did you see many people on the water? Did you get very far from the lodge? This lake has always interested me and I am dissappointed in your take on the lake.
  9. Wild Thing it sounds like you had a good weekend. We are heading up there on Friday. This is the first good crappie report I have seen this winter. Were there a lot of people out? We have been going up there for a long time but this is the latest. If you have time can you email me? I have some questions for you. [email protected] Thanks
  10. Thanks for the info iceman. Do you know anything about Carl Brown, he guides out of Rainy? I need a web address or phone number. The places you were talking about were in the nw part of the lake?
  11. Hemlock, you are right it is Gods country, but there is a lot more fishing pressure now and the fish seem to be getting smaller. We have never fished Rainy in the winter and thought it would be a nice change.
  12. We are thinking of trying Rainy instead of Miles Bay for ice fishing this year. Are there any resorts open in the winter? We have all the gear, just need a place to stay. It doesn't need to be much, hot shower and a place to sleep and cook. Thanks
  13. Going up on Thursday, any reports would be appreciated.
  14. Anyone been to Redgut? Going there this weekend and would like to put the kids on some crappies. I have found the walleyes and smallmouth but not the crappies. Any advice is appreciated. What is the water level like?
  15. We had a campsite with Finlayson Resort. The people there are very friendly and accomidating. We only had one day of fishing. Fished for walleyes only. They were not hot, but the four of us caught 60-70 walleyes. They were running small. The northerns were pretty aggressive also. The smallmouth were right off shore and hit whatever came by ther beds. The water is the highest it has ever been. It was a good trip but too short.
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