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  1. My mind is not made up yet... Looking at both units and know I can trust vexilar....but marcum seems to be making a great quality product as well... Not sure I can justify the 28 though... That's a bit of cash. My fl8 has the Pro ducer on it... Helped a ton last year running 3 fl8's in a fish house on lake of the woods. We have an older aqua view as well... Too dark at 20 foot depths to see anything as it is not infrared Steve
  2. Hi Everyone, Wife is looking to do a bit more ice fishing with me this year and will steal my vexilar from me unless I have another unit to use. I am curious of the performance of each side by side in a flip over (clam Yukon TC 2 seater). My vexilar is a 1995 FL8 with an upgraded transducer to the smallest cone angle vexilar makes. The unit has interference rejection on it as well. Currently been reading quite a bit on different units and although my wife really likes the FL28, I am not feeling I need all the goodies it has on it. Seems as though target separation on the marcum LX5 and newer is better than the vexilars, and as such, am interested to hear what people have to say about running a marcum side by side with a vexilar. My understanding with interference is when cone angles overlap that is when we see the interference between any two units regardless of brand, power, etc. If I am fishing in less than 40 feet of water for walleyes, panfish, etc. will I be having to deal with interference to the point I am better of going vexilar next to vexilar rather than vexilar next to marcum? Thanks for any education you are able to provide. Steve
  3. Hiya Well... Ended up with a couple if rods, both st croix. Talked a bit with a salesman at thornes, and after chatting a bit on things, decided on going with the st croix premier. Purchased 2 rods... 28" medium and a 32" heavy. Bought a Pflueger trion for the combo. Found the reel at fleet farm and just loved the feel and the smoothness of the bail. So... We will see how these work out. Now... Just got to get on the ice. Thanks for the responses Steve
  4. Hi Everyone, In the market for a walleye ice rod as I am making a couple trips a year now to walleye destinations. I have been looking for some time, trying to narrow down my choices, and so far, these are the two I have held in my hand and like at this point. I have toyed with the idea of a Thorne Bros. walleye rod as well (not a custom, but one they build and have readily available at the store). I have not held a TB rod in my hand as of yet...or ever for that matter. I did read through the TB rod thread and did find some useful information among some of the banter (as I would expect to see when talking product). Can't say I am ready to drop $110 on an ice rod (via TB HSOforum), but if I can buy what I need in components and keep price point down to the $50 - $60 range, I'd entertain the idea of building it myself as that puts it close enough to the price of the other rod with some possibly nicer components. The only thing I would really need is the blank and the guides as I have everything else, although my cork might be drilled too large to begin with... The plan on length right now is 28 inches as this will be a jigging stick, so I'm figuring I want something that has a fast tip and decent back bone. Unless is is really nice out, the rod will be used in a heated environment. Both the St. Croix and the Mitchell rods seem (to my untrained eyes in the ice realm) to be very similar in tip action and back bone with the mitchell maybe being a bit stiffer throughout the length. I am curious about sensitivity as well in these rods having not fished them either...only held in hand. That said, I'd really like to hear from those who have used the St. Croix and or Jason Mitchell rods. Do they do the job and do it well? Also, am looking for a decent reel to go on them as well. I saw the st. croix reel and felt it very stiff on the bail closing...want something a bit smoother. I know I could go really high end, but would like to keep it somewhere around the $40 range, which I would hope would give me a decent combo altogether without breaking the bank. Thanks for any and all input that is to come. Steve
  5. VMS

    Tip ups

    Another tip for tip-up fishing... Get yourself some coat buttons (not huge buttons, but ones that you can set your tip up to the same depth as where you started. Depending on your tip up you may need buttons small enough to fit through the hole (beaver dam tip ups) so you can wind up your line, or if you have thermals/HT, you can slide the line out of the guide and wind them on. I've also used slip bobber stop knots as well and they work fine too. HT sells really small bobbers to use as markers, but I have not had very much success with those lasting very long. For northerns, I have gone to 30 pound mono leaders about 3 feet in length, tied directly to vinyl covered braid. Couple of split shot about 18 inches or so above the hook to take the sucker down and a kahle hook tied directly to the mono. Walleyes I use 10 pound mono tied directly and a #6 hook with a couple of split shot as well. Steve
  6. Hi Everyone, I happen to have a fishtrap Yukon and would like to get some of this lighting up and running in that. Would one strip of 48" be enough or would two do better? My plan would be to leave the lights in there, so would they be safe to join the wires together from each strip and run one dedicated wire set to a 12 volt battery or would I need to run the wiring separately for each strip to the battery? Currently have a couple of the otter lodge lights (small ones) and they are not very good, plus they don't adjust to different positions... Thanks in advance!! Steve
  7. Hiya, I would say get some waterproof expoxy. It will be a touch thicker but should hold up well. The other thought would be to get some thread epoxy used for coating the threads on new fishing rods. That is a little more flexible, dries smooth too. It will soak into the threads as well, which will seal everything.. Steve
  8. Agreed!! I just purchased a new savage model 12FV with the bull barrel off of a gun auction HSOforum for $549. Thing is a tack driver right out of the box. That accutrigger is a great feature. I have not played with the setting on mine as of yet, but I love it already. When it comes to accuracy, Savage has the edge in varmint rifles... Steve
  9. Hi Everyone... Looking for ice status around delta/drummond over toward Mellen... Anyone been out on the area lakes that is willing to submit a thickness report? ATV capable? Anyone? Thanks Steve
  10. Good afternoon!! How are ice conditions on the inland lakes? I will be up in the Ashland area starting tomorrow evening and am wondering if bringing the ice fishing equipment will be worth it. Would like to have the opportunity to use the ATV as well. Most likely will be trying to get on the ice on the 26th.. Looking for Crappies, northerns and walleyes mainly... Thanks Steve
  11. And I'm sitting here thinking...throwing a bulldawg or DCG in a canoe? heck...throw them DCG's upstream...if you crank real hard, you might be able to work your way north rather than south.. Steve
  12. Yah...take a look at the times listed in the framing. I highly doubt a deer like that is going to be constantly right there for 2 hours taking that... I call photoshopped...
  13. VMS

    Ice Report page?

    Hi Everyone, Was wondering if an ice report page is going to get started this year or has it and I just don't know where it is.... Figured with colder temps finally arriving in the north country we would have something up and running and I have not been able to locate it yet... Thanks Steve
  14. Kitchen drawers?, night stand?, ammo box (archery box maybe)? How bout with fishing stuff? I would not be surprised if they are in the kitchen somewhere from cleaning them after butchering...something like that.. I would highly bet they are together somewhere...
  15. I did a quick bing search for a fisher and looked for a picture taken during summer/early fall (no leaves turning yet) I would definitely say fisher for this one...
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