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  1. I hope you get what you need for it, but if you don't and you decide to just dump it, shoot me an email and we can discuss. [email protected]
  2. Quote: ------------------------------------------------------------Oh, IMO Kirby has done more for kids and role modeling in ten minutes of his life than your entire pathetic ancestry. I certainly did not intend to start a war of words. However, I agree that Kirby did great things for the community and I agree that he was one of the best ballplayers of all time, but that does not provide him a blank check to do the things he did. In essence, what is being said, is that a person can right their wrongs by simply writing a check; that a man or womans character is determined by their level of popularity. I just don't believe in that philosophy. I never claimed to be an absolute saint! But it's not me we're talking about! And what my "pathetic ancestry" has to do with anything, I don't understand. I respect the dead. I agree Puck was a great player. I agree he was a great ambassador for the game. I agree his life was way too short. But in the same token, I don't want my son to grow up looking up to him as a role model for how to live his life. I think the things that he was accused of doing to women are despicable and no amount of money or fame excuses him for what he did. Take a look at your own kids, mothers, sisters and nieces and ask yourself if you would still feel the same if they were the victim. Whether you can admit it publicly or not, I bet I know the answer.
  3. I never suggested that I'm a saint and I agree he was a great ballplayer. I just wouldn't categorize someone accused of beating his wife and groping a woman as a great role model.
  4. I see a lot of replies that say he was such a great roll model. I sure like him as a ballplayer but a role model he is not. He certainly had his share of questionable activities that I think nearly everyone in this forum, if it wasn't for his status us a ballplayer, would frown on.
  5. For those that think that taking the time to get all the silver seam off doesn't make a difference has probably not tasted the difference between having and having it. This is even more evident in bear meat. I guarantee that the more care you take in butchering the meat and getting the silver and fat out, the better your sausage is going to taste. Certainly if you add enough pork and pork fat, it will drown out the taste of the bad stuff. I have put up my sausage against various others and mine wins out tastewise everytime and I am no great chef! I attribute that to the care I take processing the meat and the fact that I'm not taking it to the butcher and mixing my scraps with "One Eyed Jack's" gut shot deer that he trailed for a half a mile before it died and then he did a horrible job gutting it. You could take the worst tasting food in the world and if you mix it in with something else and add enough spice, it will at least become tolerable if even noticeable. There is a joke here about late hours drinking in a bar with someone of the opposite sex and having thick glasses but I don't want to offend anyone.
  6. Sure you can freeze it and truthfully, it will taste better after a month in the freezer than it will the day you make it.
  7. Have a little fun and make your own! Compared with what it costs to go hunting, it costs very little to make sausage. All you need is a grinder, a smoker and a cookbook. The casings you can just pick up at the grocery store or your local butcher. I bought a grinder at Fleet Farm 5 years ago for $100 and I'm still using it today. The smoker is a different story. I had one of those cheap charcoal smokers but it was impossible to maintain the correct temp for the alloted time to smoke the sausage. So I bought a gas fired smoker 3 years ago ($150.00) and it works great. You can get sausage cookbooks just about anywhere. B Dalton, Barnes and Noble or just get on the web and check hsolist. Look in last weeks Outdoor News and there is a recipe, similar to the one I use, for Salami. And it doesn't require a smoker. Believe me, if I can make sausage, anyone can and at least I know what I'm getting. Get the kids involved and they will have fun also. The last couple of years, our whole family gets together on a Saturday, we have a few adult beverages and spend the day making a couple hundred pounds of sausage.
  8. bob56468


    I just purchased the savage mark II .17M2 a few weeks ago. It shoots incredible groups! Sight that baby at 75 yards and you will still be hitting the bullseye from 25 yards out to 150 yards. Cheap ammo and a great plinker. I think this gun will eventually replace the .22 as the all-around plinker. For the gun, 3x9x40 scope, sling and 2 boxes of shells at Gander I paid around $230.
  9. bob56468

    Best .270 WSM

    I have had a Rem A-Bolt 30-06 and 7mm Mag. Then I bought my Winchester Featherweight 270. This by far is the best gun I have ever had. It's almost like toting around a .22 in the woods and the groups it shoots are wonderful. I paid around $500 for the gun and put a $200 Burris scope on it. I love the Burris. It is a quality scope and has a lifetime warranty. Remington is now offering the .270 as combo packaged with a scope for around $300. This seems like a great deal. I would consider replacing the Bushnell scope it comes with however with a quality scope.
  10. Do you still have the trailer? If so, I'll take it as long as it can be pulled down the road. Shoot me an email with your phone # and I'll call you back. [email protected]
  11. I'm interested in the motor if you still have and are willing to separate. Email me a price if you don't mind. [email protected]
  12. For about the same money, around $75-$100, check out a Berkley Series 1 Rod. The handle is nice and thin and it's a 1 piece rod. If you go with a medium action rod, it will have all the sensitivity you could ever want. I have 2 St Croix rods but prefer my series 1 Berkley rods over the St Croix. As far as the reel goes, I'll have to agree with just about everyone in this post. Get a good Shimano reel and you won't be disapointed.
  13. Fishing is what you do to enjoy yourself. Everything else you do, you do because you want to be able to go fishing.
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