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  1. Here's my rig!! And my tow vehicle:
  2. FF: I think it's a bit too early yet. You want the soil to thaw and dry out enough, and be firm enough, so you aren't ripping crowns and rhizomes out of the soil. That's really the key. Ditto with hand raking, if the leaves are dry enough to lift out easily, then go ahead. And use a leaf rake, not a heavy garden rake. Different sites with different exposures will dry out at different rates. Just don't be too eager and do a lot of damage. If you have a very thick layer of thatch, you may want to dethatch in a couple of steps, spring-fall or even spring-spring. Fertilize to help the lawn recover, green up, and build some density back. But let the grass recover for a couple of weeks before hitting it with a lot of herbicides.
  3. I'm an old turf agronomist. Yes, the lilac bloom is an indicator, it's based more on soil temps and photoperiod than just air temps. But you need to pay attention to many signs...the ice going out is another one of them, as is knotweed germinating. But so many factors come in to play...the exposure of the site, etc. The real problem is, lawn care companies can't treat all of their customers during a 5 day period. But to me it sounds like you were being slammed. Grass seed on the other hand can go in this early in the year. But not if you are planning a herbicide program on the same area.
  4. I am right-handed and I always buy left-handed baitcasters. That way, when I cast with my right hand, I don't have to shift the rod from one hand to the other to start cranking. Just like a spinning reel. Much better control, especially when the bait hits the water. Try it, you'll probably like it.
  5. GO: I hear ya, Dude. I'm just saying what a great opportunity you have with your bait & tackle customers. Educate them a tiny bit, maybe they will help educate others out on the ice. You can tell them you have a free road with off-road parking for them to fish on. A free road with parking, maybe for flipovers, maybe even a wheelhouse! What an opportunity to bolster business!That would be a very competitive business position for you to be in. Be a Leader, not a curmudgeon. BTW, I patronize your shop when I'm up in the neighborhood and I know you to be a good dude.
  6. Most vehicles with hitches are larger trucks, with stronger frames and bumpers. If some nitwit driving a SmartCar slides into that at an icy intersection, I have no doubt about who will take the bigger hit.
  7. Don't wash that shirt or mask in the same load as your undies!
  8. Geez, what am I doing wrong? All I do is transfer fish from the well to my ice chest while at the boat landing parking lot. Then I make one or two trips down to the dock, fill my minnow bucket with water and rinse out the well. Including splashing down the side walls. I never have a stinky livewell the next time.
  9. Dang! Maybe he was the one terrorizing campers in the BWCA a couple years ago!
  10. It's a good idea to use latex gloves when slicing hot peppers. The oil will really burn your eyes. Goggles are smart, too. That oil floats around like a fine mist. And if the oil is on your bare fingers, don't rub your eyes or your ...
  11. It should also be fair to show a pic of your scale showing it's tare weight (with nothing on the pan, it should show zero), and then another pic with an unopened 5# bag of sugar or flour. That way we can all calibrate and judge. This is not a criticism, just basic troubleshooting.
  12. I liked the OLD Gander, the one the Burger brothers sold to them. But it isn't even close to that anymore. I go into a store and so many items don't have prices on the shelf tags. Not just once, but on a regular basis, at different stores. And I don't chase a sales clerk to do a price check. That is sloppy. That is weak management. Then I was looking for some rainwear. I spoke with a female sales associate about the Tech2O line compared to Cabela's. She said she had the Tech gear for turkey hunting and was very disappointed. She said it leaked at the seams. That was very gutsy for an employee to say. She was a true sportswoman first, an employee second. I bought from the other place. And I hope she has a good job somewhere else.
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