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  1. Would love to try these out on some sunnies and perch, hopefully in a couple weeks. liked and shared
  2. I had taken my nephew on his very first ice fishing contest about 10 yrs ago or so, got him all set up and he ended up catching this northern which he wound up taking second place and winning the portable fish house that he is standing in front of. I will never forget, while he was trying to land the fish i was there to coach him in the process. After the fish was out of the hole and in his hands we were both excited and i told him to run the fish up to be weighed. Well he did just that, ran the whole way and even took a couple stumbles but never dropped the fish. Till this day he is still hooked on fishing and has become my best hunting/fishing buddy.
  3. Cool, thanks for the information guy's. I love this site, cant wait till fall.
  4. Lately I am seeing flocks of geese fly over the house, one group of at least twenty or so in the morning and in the evening. My question is why ? I see other geese around ponds with their young so what is up with the ones flying around, are these the young from last year that havnt settled down yet? I wish it was early goose season now because like always, 2 weeks before the early season in fall most of these local geese around here dissapear. I live in northern MN.
  5. This opener me and my nephew were anchored on a tip of a point along with about 20 other boats, some yaahoo was coming across the lake wide open getting closer and closer. We started yelling and he didnt see us untill he was within 20-30 yards and had to make a sharp turn barely missing us , that was the scaredest ive been in a long time, what an silly-me. And throughout the day i saw many boaters just going as fast as they could right past everyone anchored up, why do they have to come so close or why cant they slow down out of respect. Another guy almost ran into another boater right in front of us, he was going at a good clip not even looking, looked like he was trying to tie his shoe or something, he didnt look up either untill many people started yelling at the guy. What the heck people slow down, especially when you are within close quarters of others.
  6. I planted a couple last year next to the house out of curiosity and they did pop up this spring, so im going to try some more.
  7. Love them, quickly stir fried in a tad of oil and butter and light seasoning or chopped up in mashed potatoes with a litle garlic is my favorite, Yum.
  8. I also thought they were strange to eat after being stung by them all my life but a friend convinced me and I gave it a try. My favorite way to have them is we cut the leafy tops wash them under water using a strainer and then throw them in a pot of boiling water after i figured they are cooked 10 min or so for me, then i put them in with mashed potatoes and whip it up, adds great color to the dish also. Also i add a few chopped up ramps and a clove of garlic Yumm.
  9. Does anyone have any information on this contest,prizes ,rules? Heard about it but havnt found any information other than location and time.
  10. well we got there in line just as the rules stated , and we ended up second in line, what a treat for following rules. We saw a total of about 10 to 12 deer a day for the whole party. Brother shot a spike the first day, Seen a young buck chasing 2 does and grunting the whole way. Saw a nice shooter buck the second day but he was on the move, did stop him with a grunt call, but his tounge was hanging out like hed been running all day he didnt care and moved on for cover. That big 255 lb 14 point was parked in line next to me , what a dandy, heard suppose to be in outdoor news. I did take a few picts. It was a good year, we must have had an evening spot because none of us in the party hadnt see any action till noon or later. For me there was alot of wish I , should have, could haves, but it was fun.
  11. Im going up for the weekend hunt i cant wait. Ill give a post on how they did . The picture on my profile is of one i got back in "95" it weighed in at 196lbs. I usually hunt around Normandy and gettigsberg area. But in recent years it has been so crowded thinkin of trying some new spots , Any ideas ?
  12. Here's one thats kind of funny and embarresing. My buddy stepped off his atv right into a hole, his foot got wedged really tight. It took a good ten minutes to get him free.Embarresing because we had an audience, His foot was bruised and swollen the next day.
  13. Say i have my shanty on the lake. Drill six holes everytime i go out. move the house a foot couple times a week so i dont have to redrill old holes. Now when i take my house off the lake , i think about all the holes i drilled in one spot just waiting for someone to drive over them with there big pickup truck. I wonder hmmmmmmmmm. i dont think i would knowingly drive over a spot with say ,fifty holes drilled in a small area.
  14. How many hours do you spend on an outing, on a day of fishing? People think im crazy and there is something wrong with me , they say im like the only one to enjoy fishing as much as i do . Im just trying to prove a point that im not the only one. I like to spend 4 to maybe 6 hours on a day of fishing. like on the weekend saturday and then if there biting again on sunday.
  15. Does anyone belong to the north american hunting club. The club where you get there magazine and get to try equipment and free samples stuff like that. Sounds like its based out of minnetonka,mn . Is it worth it to join its $12. a year i guess.
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