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  1. I totally disagree with getanet and the Red River is a prime example. It is the BEST channel cat fishery in North America and you can use 2 lines on it. You may talk about increased harvest but if the average person can't catch a walleye on one rod, they are not going to do any better with 2. Even Canada allows the umbrella rigs to be used. No new license. Just allow everyone to use 2 lines during the year.
  2. Dusty Pipestone would be close(about an hour). SuperBee is someone you should talk to. If you want to drive and put a boat in, on the way to Kenora up through Sioux Narrows you would have Whitefish and Regina Bays on Lake of the Woods, Dogpaw, Caviar, Highwind, Hillock, Porcus, Dogtooth, and Dryberry come to mind on the trip up there. You can get to all of them with a vehicle. You can email me at [email protected] if you would like more info. We fish most of these summer and winter.
  3. Goodrich There are a lot of laws about non-residents camping on Crown land so know the laws in your area. The easiest, and best I think, is to go to a provincial park. For a group it is cheap with good conveniences. All the provincial parks I have been to have been very nice and the people are happy to help. We will be doing it again this Spring. Very hard to beat.
  4. Can anyone in the Vermilion Bay area tell me if the Gordon Lake Road is plowed in the winter and if it is how far is it plowed?
  5. From the gov't dock in Morson, you are a five minute boat ride to Big Black Island. I know they did one hundred percent of their bear tags last year. Great hunting and world class walleye fishing. Man to talk to there is Gary Moeller.
  6. Black island resort on Lake of the Woods is a good bet on the best walleye lake anywhere.
  7. Heard from some folks up in Vermilion Bay that Gordon Lake is a decent trout lake. Does anyone have any information on the lake? How is the access? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Even though no one replied but I said I would report so here it is. Blue Lake has decent trout in it. We found them in 20-40 ft of water. Long lining worked best but we did not try to shore fish at all. Worked a couple of lakes in the area for walleyes and had limited success. Amazing how Blue can be so clear and the surrounding lakes are so stained. We tried Eagle one day for lakers and came up empty for four boats. Saw fish on the graph at 44 feet but getting them to bite was a different story. Had a group travel up to Cliff and they did all right on lakers. Biggest trout there was
  9. A group of 10 of us are going to stay in the Blue Lake Provincial Park this coming weekend. Can anyone out there give us some lakes to fish walleye in the Vermilion Bay area. We are new to the area but have stayed further north. We are equipped with 18+ foot boats. We would like to do trout, northern and walleye in our four days. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I will post back after our return.
  10. Scoot is partially right. A non-resident can camp on LOW on the Canadian side but, according to Ontario law, they must be 1/2 kilometer off any shoreline or road. That is roughly one quarter of a mile off shore so you will have to be camped in the boonies off a lake shore on a whopper of a big island. North of Kenora is much less restrictive if you want to camp.
  11. The list is long. Big Black Island on Lake of the Woods near Morson would be a good spring trip. Goose Bay Resort on Lac Seul has great accomodations and has great fishing. A good guide would be to look up Sunset Country resorts and they will send you free information. I have found them very helpful.
  12. Pakwash Lake has three resorts on it and a great provincial park. Walleye fishing has been superb for us and 30 pike days are not uncommon. Easy to drive to, just north of Lac Seul. Big enough to learn new spots all the time and small enough to get to know in a couple of days. Maps are also available.
  13. Aaron, no extensions needed around here. Lots of slush on the lakes is reported by Anglers ProShop in Nestor Falls. If you stay on paths from other sleds, you should be fine. Going to be warm again this week.
  14. @ dirt Went up to Hillock today with 2 others and fished approximately 100 fow 55 feet down. Started out slow but was good between 11 and 1:30 or so. Biggest fish was 33 inches and weighed 12.75 lbs. Slush on the travelled parts of the lake was frozen solid. Had to stay on the old tracks but snow depth on the lake was less than a foot now. Was a great time on a new lake. Thanks to Mike and his friend at the trail head for all the advice on lakes in the area.
  15. Some of my friends went up today. Said the trail in was good. Weather was great. Deep slush under brand new snow from this week. Party of 3 caught 8 total fish but did not get to fish areas we would have liked to try. Nothing big.
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