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  1. Is that Parent Lake the one you take Hog Creek to get to?
  2. It might be 'parking lot' camping, but since you are not really there for the camping you will be fine. If I remember right it is gravel anyway. I had 50 amp electric plus sewer and water. They will let you use an adapter for the electric if you don't have the right plug. BTW, I went there for a wedding reception and had the best (wedding) food ever. Good luck in the tourney!
  3. Quote:Would only be a weekend thing and later in the summer July - August sometime. And ill be ruffing it in a tent. Just a one time camping trip this summer? How about just taking a test camping trip first? Try one night at a State Park near by. Just throw whatever you think you will need for the night in the car and go. Don't forget the basics, and don't make it a big deal. Eat first if you want & just bring snacks. Bring a note pad and a pen with you to jot down all the things you might want to bring next time, you will need it. Bring the little sitzu and try it out. After that you will be able to plan your July-August weekend better. PS...An inflatable air mattress in a tent is one of the best luxuries you can have camping...in my opinion. Plus an electric pump for it...
  4. Hopefully I'm getting the RV/Boat out of storage today. I'll most likely camp at a state park for a night, just to do it. If I do, that means that the only months I didn't use the RV is Jan and Feb. The last time I camped in it was Dec 3rd. The temp got down to zero, but electric heat kept it at least 71 inside. I'm looking forward to getting it home to putz around with it.
  5. Lake Elmo is clean also. (At least it was a while ago).
  6. Quote:i was told by someone that has camped there you cant even laugh after 10pm or they threaten to kick you out. I won't say anything bad about the hosts on the internet, but the campground is very nice! My family had a blast there in the pool! We had a site right on the lake that was very nice. I did look for pictures, but can't find them. I'll post them if I do. One thing about private campgrounds...they are a bit more spendy than a State Park, but then again, no pools with slides at the state parks!
  7. Is that the private one just south of Brainard? Don and Maria's I think it is called? I'll look on my other computer if I have some pictures.
  8. FYI...your Lowrance GPS unit will tell you the sun/moon rise and set times. It is in one one of the menus. I have this on my H2O, and my 520c. I use it frequently. Also, for a couple of bucks, I just put a spare set of light bulbs in my boat...just in case. Jon
  9. Quote:I love listening to 93x out of the TC's and I cant pick that station up in Rochester Another reason to get Sat radio! Much more variety with it. XM or Sirius...I'll pay the money to NOT listen to commercials!
  10. I really like it! Can you take them out when not needed? If you can just plug them in like your stern light, I'm all over it. Nice job! Jon
  11. HaywardBound

    Ramp Tips

    morelnmusky, I don't think H2O was implying that it was 'his dock', just talking about the rope. Quote:I hope my dock line didn't hurt you when it snaked in, head high, while I was pulling my boat around! I also hate when people are fishing from the boat dock when the sign says 'no fishing'. You don't see too many boats tied up to the fishing pier! Just my opinion here...
  12. Did anyone mention a jet boat so you can get in shallow water?
  13. HaywardBound


    Not in real life... I fly with a virtual airline with MS Flight Sim (FSX). As real as it gets? No...but I enjoy it as a hobby. I know that doesn't count as a pilot, but I've always been an aviation buff. A good friend of mine flies an ERJ-145 for an airline out of Houston. How about you, nwa1819? I'm guessing you are a pilot?
  14. Wow, great report dtro! Looks like great weather too! I look forward to the other reports.
  15. I know the area you are talking about. Might want to look up St. Croix State Park and see if there is a map. You could also Google St. Croix River, I know there are detailed maps for the St. Croix out there. Might be on the National Park Service site. I see you are looking for cats...take a look in the Catfishing and St. Croix forums on this site as well.
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